How to Provide Infusionsoft Data Import

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How to Provide Infusionsoft Data Import

In the world when speed matters, there is an increasing emphasis on the quality. Business owners aim to achieve the desired objectives and gain high profits in a short term. However, the companies forget to keep up with the times regarding technological innovations and customer requirements. With constant advancement of CRM systems, a number of organizations face the decision to import their data from one platform to another, more advanced solution. Infusionsoft Data Import isn’t a difficult task, but it takes a bit of thought and planning. Let’s take a critical view of the main steps of the transition and discover how to avoid pitfalls during the process.

Why Infusionsoft CRM?

Infusionsoft is one of the popular solutions that many businesses turn to when they need a better CRM. It is designed to fit the demands of small and mid-sized companies. Infusionsoft provides flexibility, sales and marketing automation, efficient analytical tools, effective mobile capabilities, and a full stack of integration options. Here are some tools to take into account before Infusionsoft Data Import:

1. "My Day" view shows your tasks and appointments together with quick previews of the contacts' data

To get to My Day, hover over the Home icon and select My Day.

Infusionsoft data import

The My Day view will show you upcoming appointments, tasks with due dates, and priority.

Infusionsoft data import

It’s easy to add appointment, tasks, and opportunities by clicking the +Add blue buttons on the right-hand corner of each section in the left bar. My Day is an excellent way to make sure no tasks slip through the cracks without having to manually enter them on a separate calendar.

2. Tracking functionality lets you monitor information about clients, including pages they've viewed, former purchases, etc.
In Infusionsoft, you’re able to track both who visits your site, get tracking codes for your website, and create lead sources and view your ROI. To get there, go to Marketing Lead Generation.

Infusionsoft data import

That will take you to the dashboard where you can decide what you want to create to track your lead generation.

Infusionsoft data import


3. Automatically score contacts based on history and demographics to explain who you should focus on.

4. Built-in eCommerce store to help you sell services or products.

Now let’s go ahead with Infusionsoft Data Import.

What to Do Before You Start Infusionsoft Data Import ?

Thorough planning and preparation are essential steps on the path of the successful CRM data import. Check out these must-dos that can make your migration to Infusionsoft go smoothly:

  • Optimize your database. Analyze and investigate any unnecessary records and delete duplicates.
  • Secure your information.  Create a data backup and retain it even after the migration is complete. This will help prevent the possible data loss.
  • Announce any changes. Hold a meeting and notify your team about the migration to Infusionsoft, and explain how your company can benefit from the new platform. Buy-in from your team is crucial to success in using Infusionsoft.

CRM Data Transfer Methods

Once you’ve made all your preparations, you can proceed to an actual Infusionsoft Data Import. Usually, people will choose to do it manually or to automate it.

Manual Data Transfer

You can choose to migrate your CRM data on your own via file transfer. But it is important to remember that data mapping is a tricky task and, if done wrong, you can run into unexpected complications like incorrect matching of relations between modules or even data loss. If you need to move any custom fields, it will most likely take up a lot of time and effort, so be prepared to dedicate some energy.

Automatic Data Import

Another approach is to take advantage of an automated migration service like Trujay, which transfers records quickly and securely without any programming or copy/pasting. Automated transfer allows you to map fields and users on your own according to your business requirements and check the service in action.


So, follow the next steps to perform the CRM Infusionsoft Data Import effortlessly:

1. Provide your credentials at Trujay, create your account and sign in. Otherwise, you may log in using social media.


2. Provide the access credentials (API Key, email, etc.) of the current platform. After that, choose Infusionsoft from the drop-down box, specify its Url, and press ‘Authorise’ to let Trujay access your data.

3. Select the records you want to move, check the results of the automated fields and users mapping, as well as make any changes to fit your business requirements. Now you can launch a free Demo Migration.

4. If you are satisfied with Demo results, you can proceed with Infusionsoft Data Import.

Post-Migration Tips


Even though the most complicated stages are behind you, you can assure the successful implementation of Infusionsoft Data Import with these steps:


  • Determine if all migrated records are in the right place
  • Set up workflow rules and reporting filters
  • Provide your team with the necessary tutorials and make sure your employees understand how the new system works and follow the rules of data entry

Bottom Line

CRM data Infusionsoft Data Import is a great chance to unveil new business possibilities and achieve your business goals. However, CRM transfer requires careful preparation and additional employee coaching. So, plan your future CRM roll out and look at your data in the desired solution.
Import a part of your real information from files or another CRM by running free Demo Migration.


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