How to Get Your Staff to Fall in Love with a New CRM 🔥

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How to Get Your Staff to Fall in Love with a New CRM 🔥

Let’s face it, no one likes change. A number of business owners are surprised by the slow and low rates of CRM user adoption encountered after the implementation of the platform. Besides, the Forrester Research indicates that 49% of CRM initiatives fail not due to the technology, but because of an organization's culture. According to CSO Insights, less than 40% have full scale end-user adoption.

So, developing an effective CRM adoption program is challenging, as well as the process takes time, efforts and resources. Let’s investigate the tried and true best practices to exclude the pitfalls that stand in the way of CRM success.

#1 Explain CRM Significance

An every sales rep knows a key to a closed deal: explaining the value of the product or service to the potential customer. So, your first goal should be selling the CRM to your employees. Otherwise, the team members can behave like the clients who churn.

Besides clarifying to the staff that the platform makes it easier to analyze the business performance, track selling trends, and manage the data, you should emphasize on the rep-centric advantages include:

  • system is a centralized place to track prospect interaction efficiently;
  • platform is a database for recording the notes about the potential customers;
  • solution provides with an effective and easy way to visualize sales forecasts.

#2 Make Your Staff Test Various CRMs

Since many CRM systems obtain the free trials and subscriptions, you can let the different teams try out the several platforms and make them a part of the process. Then, it is recommended to collect the feedback from the employees to simplify a task of choosing a solution. So, when the time comes to pick one solution over another, you already have the confirmation that your reps find the real value in the selected CRM. Moreover, the staff will obtain some product knowledge.

#3 Choose a Right CRM Platform

Finding a solution that is heavyweight enough for your business processes, as well as low-touch for efficiently serving the salespeople is a complicated procedure. Here are some things to consider while investigating and evaluating the CRM options:

  • automatically logs the interactions with the customers without the reps having to record the data manually;
  • easily integrates with other systems like the email client, calling tools, file-sharing and marketing software;
  • simply provides the high-level statistics such as the sales forecasts, deals in progress by stage, call activity, etc.;
  • includes an easy-to-use interface to swiftly navigate in the system and reporting capabilities to meet your requirements.

So, among the variety of CRM systems, HubSpot CRM includes the above-mentioned capabilities and can help you enhance the team performance, as well as boost ROI. In case your business suffer from the current CRM functionality, and you are searching for a fast way of the records migration to HubSpot CRM, Trujay can help perform a process:

  • SaaS guarantees to treat the information privately and offers an opportunity to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • service provides you with a possibility to map the fields and users to fit the business requirements.
  • automated tool has no impact on the current and future CRMs uptime and eliminate the interruptions of business processes.
  • solution offers to launch a free Demo Migration and observe Trujay in action.

#4 Provide with Quality Training

The effective training is one of the critical aspects of the successful software initiative and CRM user adoption. You should ensure to select the user-friendly CRM and consult the vendor regarding the best tutorials, as well as the support packages for your business. So, try to conduct the frequent or shorter pieces of training, as well as provide with the repeated sessions. When the basics will be in place, then it’s a sign to move to the more advanced processes.

#5 Support with Follow-up Tips and Tricks

For monitoring and identifying the employee's’ pain points and achievements, you can periodically collect the feedback from your team. If your sales managers have the similar difficulties regularly and are consistently confused with certain functionality areas, look through the problem and enable your staff with a solution. In case you can outrun any challenges, you will get a better opportunity of driving fast CRM user adoption.

Give and Take

Once you work with the employees, rather than against, you should have no problem winning them over. Be patient but firm when implementing the CRM platform. Make it clear that the solution provides the real advantages to the company and each sales rep. As the business owner, your job is to prove the CRM effectiveness, as well as equip the colleagues with the necessary training and tutorials.

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