How to Migrate from SugarCRM to Pipedrive without a Headache

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How to Migrate from SugarCRM to Pipedrive without a Headache


Migrate from SugarCRM to Pipedrive and upgrade your business with the advanced platform.


Today CRM started being superiority in the business world, and the nonstop innovations bring phenomenal perks for your organizations. As a result, companies that used older platforms consider switching to more advanced ones, and it happens due to the different reasons:


  • outdated CRM (usually, when you have been using the tool for more than 5 years)
  • lack of reconfigurability and scalability
  • declining user adoption rates
  • the absence of different user roles training
  • ineffective reporting tools


So, if you feel that your technology is not keeping up with business needs and the pains above are starting to set in, you have to consider a change. Consequently, migration from SugarCRM to Pipedrive might be a great option for your company to move forward and become successful. In this article, we will cover the main pros and cons of the platforms and explore the steps of the transferring process.

SugarCRM vs. Pipedrive: Hunt the Best Features


SugarCRM is a scalable platform for companies of all sizes. The solution helps you manage projects effectively by keeping track of the sales and marketing process as well as customer support through one portal, so you can easily monitor tasks and identify opportunities. Also, you can import data from any existing file into SugarCRM. It has email integration that allows you to send letters to the clients within the application without the need to open an additional program and toggle between the two.


SugarCRM offers 4 editions:


  • The free Community Edition provides basic sales, marketing, and service tools without company help. It possesses basic dashboards, simple queries, and primitive packaged reporting, but it lacks flexible access to information. Note, this edition is not supported by SugarCRM anymore.
  • Professional Edition - $40 per user per month - expands with an upgraded user interface, more integration options, Sugar Mobile, and workflow automation.
  • Enterprise Edition - $ 65 per user per month - includes additional features such as Offline Client and Enterprise Reporting as well as additional storage allocation and increased level of customer support.
  • Unlimited Edition - $150 per user per month - extends upon the prior editions with more memory, 24 by 7 customer support with 1 hour response time SLA and various professional services programs.


While speaking about the backside of SugarCRM, many customers show their dissatisfaction regarding user adoption rates, resource-consuming upgrades, and long-term contracts with obligatory fees. Accordingly, there is a compelling alternative introduced in today’s market - Pipedrive.


Pipedrive is a simple, yet powerful sales pipeline management solution loved by small and medium-sized sales teams. A highly customizable CRM provides a series of stages that your prospects flow through. Each detail of every interaction can be cataloged, and notifications may be set up with follow-ups and to-do-lists.


Furthermore, the robust reporting tool allows you to segment data by various criteria. Pipedrive lets to take your sales pipeline with you anywhere you go because of its mobile applications. Also, the solution supports integration with Google Apps, as well as a range of marketing, customer service, and other software solutions.


When it comes to pricing, Pipedrive, as compared to SugarCRM, represents its costs in a very simple way. First of all, you can try out the solution with the 30-day trial without a credit card before implementing it. After that, you may subscribe the software for $12 per user per month and benefit from:


  • No contracts
  • No account limits
  • No hidden fees
  • No charge for phone/email support
  • No credit card required for a 30-day trial


Also, if you prefer more than 50 accounts, you should contact Pipedrive experts.


Hence, Pipedrive gets an advantage over SugarCRM not only in the functionality and customization but also to the price matter. If you look at the chart by Google Trends, you can notice that SugarCRM's popularity went down for the past few years. Pipedrive, on the other hand, is gaining a reputation and more people demand this solution for their business.


Sugarcrm vs Pipedrive


So, if you have already decided to migrate from SugarCRM to Pipedrive, but afraid of the data transferring, follow the next steps to complete the process.



To perform the migration in the proper way, consider the following:


  1. Delete useless and redundant information from your SugarCRM.
  2. Try out the Pipedrive free trial to check on the features of the solution as well as all the customization and integration options.
  3. Prepare a backup plan, so you don’t lose critical data after the migration process.
  4. Inform your employees about a change and provide tutorials about a new solution.

Transfer from SugarCRM to Pipedrive in the Several Steps


Now, when you are all set up for moving, start your migration process by using an automated migration system Trujay.


Besides, the SaaS offers you an opportunity to benefit from:


  • guaranteed security and possibility to sign the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA);
  • no interruptions of the company processes and uptime of both CRMs;
  • fields and users mapping in accordance with your business needs;
  • ability to evaluate the service in action and run a free Demo Migration.


So, follow the next steps to complete the data import effortlessly:


  1. Go to and sign up. Define your name, email, password, and enter the phone number. You can also log in with your social network information.


2. Choose SugarCRM from the drop-down menu. Provide URL, login, and password.

Then, fill out your destination Pipedrive CRM and its API token.

3. Check CRM modules you want to switch, map the fields, and start your free Demo Migration to make sure the service is working properly. During this process, it will transfer a limited amount of records together with relations between them.


Also, you may request a custom demo migration and see how attachments, notes, custom fields, etc. can be transferred to your new solution. Furthermore, the service offers a deduplication option to eliminate all the dupes.


4. Check out your Demo Migration results and if you are satisfied, complete the full migration from SugarCRM to Pipedrive. The switch is not going to take a lot of time, so you will be able to work with Pipedrive right away after the transferring.




After the migration is done, test your brand new CRM with the following actions:


  • fix up specific filters with your analytic tools
  • check out if the procedure was correct and without any data losses
  • provide the necessary training for your employees so that they can adapt to the system quickly

Final Word


Whether you're searching for a robust CRM software, a simple one designed for small businesses, or a free version to fit your budget, there's a solution choice for you. So, take all the information above into consideration and start a free Demo transferring your data from SugarCRM to Pipedrive by using Trujay. Don’t wait up, start your free demo right now!


Learn more about why and how you should migrate to Pipedrive.





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