How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection in Sales?

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How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection in Sales?

Everyone has a virtual companion who has been with you since the first breath. His name is Fear. The feeling of misgiving can negatively influence all the aspects of your life ranging from the love relationships to job responsibilities. When you let the fight take control of your actions or decisions, you can never achieve the desired success, especially in the world of business and sales.

As there are various types of anxiety, the fear of rejection is one of the top issues faced by sales representatives. Even though knowing that the prosperity of your organization or career growth depend on how much you sell, many of you are afraid of actually doing so. Accordingly, in this article, let’s go over the main reasons and useful tips to help you shift out the fear into the excitement of sharing your product or service.

Explore the source and take actions

First of all, to overcome the fright of sales rejections, it is important to find out what causes the anxiety. Usually, the trembling of selling comes in several forms. Most often, you can worry about not being liked or perceived as a pushy person. Also, you may struggle with the idea that your product or service might not perform as you say.

In this case, you should try sharing the presentation of what you sell in a way that feels more authentic or natural to you.Consequently, you may use the client’s feedback or case studies of customer success to prove your products help the consumers and companies.

Be enthusiastic of what you offer

To take control of your sales anxiety, you should tap into the passion and admiration for your product or service. At this point, try to write down all the great benefits and useful features that you can provide to the consumers. Your confidence will skyrocket as you hang the list nearby and look at it every day. Also, knowing and providing the advantages can help you shift the perspective to one of sharing information rather that convincing to buy.

Try to role play

Like any other business skill, selling can get easier the more you do it. If you truly want to conquer the fear in rejection, you will have to practice your sales techniques until you nail it down. Accordingly, you may take from 10 to 20 minutes a day to role play. Soon, you will notice how your confidence starts to climb as you get less ‘No’ and more ‘Yes’ with every sale.

Control negative procrastination

Often, the feeling of fear makes you finding flimsy excuses as well as avoiding the tasks that needs to be done. In sales, putting off the important calls or interactions with consumers creates a bad habit that greatly restricts the results. Fortunately, if you identify and analyze the reasons of procrastination, this process can be controlled.

Here are 3 main causes that can hold your sales back:

  • I can do it tomorrow. It is the most popular justification of the procrastination. You often think that if you wait just one day, it will not upset your potential customers. Furthermore, you probably tend to convince yourself having some other things to do on this day. However, waiting until tomorrow can drastically impact your results. While you are thinking, other businesses are calling and closing the deals.

  • I have to make more research before I touch base with this prospect. It is one of the most frequent excuses the salespeople make to delay the interaction with the client. In this case, use the information you have right now and start to build the relationships with your prospect. If you have to come up with more details later on, you’ll be much further along with a client than if you had waited.

  • I don’t have time right now. If you couldn’t have a chance to communicate with your potential customer at the particular moment, it was not a valid reason for not doing something. When you try to exclude the low priority activities, you have to find the time devoting to critical tasks that positively impact your sales results.  

Record your successes

Finally, in order to kill your fright of sales rejection, you should keep track of your ‘wins’. It is recommended to write down all your achievements and hold the success journal nearby. Thus, you have an opportunity to scale your ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ deals.

To sum up, dealing with the anxiety of rejection is an integral part of your sales processes. Hence, if you take all the tips and tricks above into consideration, you can easily learn how to deal with fear gracefully and effectively to start building better relationships with your customers.

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