How to Rectify Your Sales Mistakes with CRM

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How to Rectify Your Sales Mistakes with CRM

Despite the technological and apps abundance, organizations keep growing the list of sales and commercial failures. There is no a fit-all recipe to succeed in sales performance. Thus, you may skip out on the common sales mistakes, apply CRM solution to full strength, and build a memorable experience matching customers’ high expectations.

Perhaps there is a chain of ongoing events or sales actions that result in making the same blunders across various industries and sales performance frameworks. We can assemble these shared sales mistakes into two groups: (a) lack of sales training and (b) incomplete or misguided CRM tactics implementation.

7 Mistakes to Be Fixed with Sales Training

Put simply; sales reps should keep improving their skills and competencies, as well as develop new tactics and strategies to proceed with closing deals. Let’s dig in and take a look at some of the most impactful sales mistakes made by reps.

#1 Take a Chance on Presentation

Some sales people see the only power to close a deal in their presentation. They put a lot of time and efforts into those slides, and what’s more horrifying - they get so tight to their material and focus on details instead of monitoring buyer’s reactions.

The way out is quite evident, keep the pulse on client’s buying signals and interests and don’t stick blindly to your presentation. This is just support, not the major player in your deal closing progress.

#2 Price Isn’t the Only Problem

Breaking the stereotype that sales managers are crafty, the current situation proves that customers can also be tricky. What does this mean? The price. Many sales reps believe that the price of product or service is the reason for losing a deal.

The clients are ready to pay even a higher price if you convince them of the value of product or service for fulfilling their current need or requirement. Once you know your offer as the back of your hand, you can win over a client for almost any price.

#3 Point Blank Tough Questions

Every sales rep wants to gain customer trust and asking the hard questions is a way to find out what you do wrong. So, if a client doesn’t buy, ask what holds him/her back - the price, some feature lack or too many features, or the terms of service, etc. Even if you don’t close a deal, you will get valuable information about your mistakes and pain points in the presentation.

#4 Presentation Lacks an Intention to Close a Deal

Another one of shared sales mistakes is presenting a product or service without the intention to close a deal. Make it clear from the very beginning that you want the customer to become a user of a service or product by the end of the presentation. To make it happen, run your presentation with confidence and show how your offer can solve the client’s problems.

#5 Price Announcement at the End of Presentation

Following the golden rule of the sales people, they are taught to build value, and then show the price. Don’t wait for the question “How much?”. Give your customers from the very beginning of the presentation the pricing. In this way, you offer them the evaluation of the service or product functionality in comparison to the price, and therefore, help to come up with a decision faster.

#6 Free Trial as a Key to a Closed Deal

One of sales reps’ traps is a confidence that a free trial will ensure the successful sale by the end of 14 or 30 days of free of charge usage. This way is far more complicated than it seems. Apart from a particular timeline and commitment, you need to put efforts, time, and some investments. So, grow up and avoid this sales mistake with a free trial - close a deal or find a new lead.

#7 Urgency Training

Many companies and sales organizations fail due to the weak point - an inefficient or no urgency practicing. Teach your team to insist on speeding up closing a transaction without pressing or being unprofessional. When you believe in your service, you know its strong and weak sides, and can find the right way how to insist on closing a deal.

How CRM Helps to Deal with 2 Sales Mistakes

The best line of success is defining the pain points, developing a plan for fixing them, and then realize the set of actions to achieve the desired goal. There are also sales issues that can be solved with the help of CRM platform. But first things first, we start from framing a problem and then go to the tip on fixing it.

#1 Sell a Presentation, not a Solution

One of the sales reps sin is the overestimated importance of the presentation and spending too much time on the offer than on showing customers how the product or service may solve the issues they face.

What’s the point of CRM here? If your CRM solution enables you with social CRM functionality, you can track the aspects bothering your customers online in social media and use this information during the presentation. By hitting the problem points and offering solutions, you get more clients’ attention and interest in using your product or service.

#2 Pay Attention to Influencers

The main focus of sales reps is a decision-maker. Logically, deal’s fate depends upon this person. However, there is always a person (or even people) who has an influence on the final decision. Route your efforts in the right direction and ask your client

  • whose opinion is vital for him/her,

  • why is it so important, and

  • whether they want this influencer to be included in the presentation.

Apart from social media monitoring, some CRM vendors offer their customers the automated contact profile enrichment. With the information about a decision-maker and company, you can get a clearer picture of a customer and save time on extra search.

Give it a Go

In these 9 sales mistakes, every sales rep or organization can see the mistakes they did or still do. As there is no obstacle ever insurmountable, there is a solution to every problem. The investment in sales training will return in a number of closed transactions, and the implementation or data migration to a new CRM will backup sales team and boost the quality of the service and customer experience.

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