Hubspot CRM Data Migration: Accelerate Your Business Performance

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Hubspot CRM Data Migration: Accelerate Your Business Performance

CRM market is evolving day by day, the functional and technical abilities of the platforms have improved significantly. With all modern choices out there, at some point, you realize that your current system can’t keep with times and maintain all the new capabilities.

The lack of scalability and reconfigurability, as well as too many spendings on the available tools can hold your company back to thrive. That’s when you start searching for a more advanced software. Accordingly, selecting Hubspot CRM as an alternative might be a way out for you.

Why is Hubspot CRM Your Cup of Tea?

Launched in 2015, the solution came out with the limited amount of features, as well as with the promise of rapid development to make it most easy-to-use system. Since then, Hubspot team has been working hard adding different sorts of usability-enhancing and whistles to the solution. Today, the platform can boost your company's performance with some comprehensive updates:


Based in your Gmail inbox, you can create, send, manage, as well as personalize email templates to the prospects. Every created model is also available from each contacts’ timeline. Check out the additional useful features:

  • Share: the solution offers a high-performance email template you want to share with other sales reps. For that just check the "Share This Template With My Team" checkbox while creating the template.
  • Clone: in case you are making a small change, it is possible to copy the template as a base for creating a new file. Select the “Duplicate Template” from the Template section of your CRM.
  • Report: when utilizing Sidekick into the business processes, you can load the sales emails with template reporting abilities. This helps you identify what the most efficient models are.
  • Employ Sidebar Insights: if you use the Sidekick to Business, click any template on Template Dashboard. The slideout can tell you which individual prospects have been sent, opened, as well as a clicked a certain model.

As you can see, Hubspot CRM templates help you to keep all the data about the past interactions with contacts at the fingertips.

A Tour of the Hubspot CRM Setting Screen

To suit your team’s needs, the customization of settings is available in 4 main areas of the Hubspot CRM:


  • Properties management: monitor, add, edit, or delete the qualities from the contacts table. Note that the changes will influence the overall contact timeline.
  • Contacts and company owner sync: control what happens to ownership of the enterprise, as well as its related contacts when you set the owner of the business or contact in the CRM.
  • Default characteristics: with the help of Manager or Administrator, you can level user roles to select which properties the reps will observe by default in the “Contacts” department. You can find feature in “Companies” and “Deals” as well.


  • Lifecycle stage sync: the section lets you control how the platform sync phase changes between related contact items.
  • Create and associate companies with contacts: Hubspot CRM handles connections in the background based on a contact's’ email domain. The platform can automatically create and associate a business record with the company name of a contact’s email address in case that company already recorded.


  • Customizable Deal stages: besides a pre-loaded set of deals stages, the system enables you with the ability to add your ones. Change the names, numbers and order of steps in just a click.
  • Currency: the setting toggles the currency in which the system displays deals.




Searching for BCC address search: while BCC an email to Hubspot, it automatically is added to the contact record connected with the contacts’ email address. This section of Settings shows the unique email address for HubSpot CRM portal to which messages should be BCC’d.

Looking for forwarding address: when you receive the email from a prospect which you want to record, there is an option to forward it to CRM.

Thus, the configurable settings introduced above are mostly designed to make it easier to view and operate the specific pieces of the data from the sales side of HubSpot portal.


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Hubspot CRM Little Tweaks

Hubspot CRM is full of the advanced and contemporary features that can boost the overall performance of your company, as well as includes small tricks to help cultivate better relationships with customers.


To save time and exclude opening of too many tabs, Hubspot CRM offers you the slideout. The option provides the possibility to see the essential details from the main contact screen. This means you don’t have to dig for the right tab or wait for an additional page to load. Moreover, you are not losing the screen space you are working.


The thoughtful email templates that used the peculiarities like personalization tokens can go a long way. The email signatures in the platform can take things to the next level.


To collaborate with your team easier, use Hubspot CRM mentions. The feature lets you contain a reference to any user in a contact or company module, as well as on deals and tasks. The employee you have tagged will receive an email notification. Also, you can apply this option, if you are interested in looping someone into a deal, as well as to look for additional insight from the customers’ concerns.

By and large, HubSpot CRM is a young solution, yet the platform is thriving with constant improvements. The evidence is the chart by Google Trend where you can see that the platform incredibly moved up for the past year.

Hubspot CRM Data Migration: Secret to a Direct Data Transferring

The time is the most precious currency of the business world. Apparently, the automated data transit gets a lot of attention. One of the practical solutions for the accurate and secure Hubspot CRM data migration is an automated transferring service Trujay.

How to Get Ready for a Switch?

The transition of CRM information is not a natural step as every change can lead to some problems. To exclude the unexpected consequences during the project, it is suggested to take time and get prepared. Take 4 simple hints into account  to implement before the process:

  • Test new solution. Considering the Hubspot CRM is free, try out the platform to make sure that the future system your business needs.
  • Clean out the records. Improve your data quality by excluding the dupes and unnecessary items from the current platform.
  • Guard data. Prepare a backup to eliminate the possibility of losing the essential information.
  • Notify the employees. Announce your team about the upcoming change, as well as provide meetings and training for better user adoption.

How to perform Hubspot CRM Data Migration in a Few Steps?

The complexity of the relocation process depends on the number of the records and different configurations settings; Trujay helps to complete the switch in just 4 clicks.

The SaaS assists you to manage the process without the programming knowledge or copy/pasting actions. Furthermore, the service excludes human interference and has no influence on the uptime of your existing solution.

Regarding security, the system eliminates the possibility of any data loss as all the items are copied from the source software. Besides, you can sign Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) that guarantees your info confidentiality.

How to Assure the Flying Start?

After an essential actions are behind, consider some useful tips for better system configuration:

  • check if all the records are in the right places
  • organize the personalized workflow rules
  • set up the specific filters for analytics
  • make sure your crew has all necessary instructions and materials for learning.

Final Sketches

Free and straightforward, Hubspot CRM is designed to be a solution that helps you get started fast and secure without making the significant changes in your current workflow.

So, why are you still hesitating about Hubspot CRM data migration? Take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay, put some amount of your data into HubSpot CRM by running a free Demo right now!

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