HubSpot CRM Import: Go on Board of Changes

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HubSpot CRM Import: Go on Board of Changes

In a today’s competitive environment, it is crucial to be brave enough to challenge yourselves. Learn from mistakes of the companies that did not adjust to the constantly changing conditions, like Nokia. Try to make your customer service strategy more digital.

The process of picking the CRM solution is somewhat difficult because it requires long hours of surfing the Internet and meetings with your team.

However, it is a common problem, that is why some business owners decide to implement innovations and only start working on such platforms. Others figured out to adopt a different solution. That’s when the most crucial part begins. Between primary sources that can help you to select the “one” among CRM software, there are:

  • Blogs, forums that specialize in IT tools in sales;
  • CRM vendors’ forums
  • Websites that make comparisons of different solutions
  • Social media pages of the platforms
  • Video tutorials/reviews about user interfaces of various software

You cannot underestimate the meaning of such a choice. CRM system affects all company’s processes and its outcomes. It is the fact, that the right solution can enhance the organization’s growth in the same way as the not suitable one can reduce the success.

That is why we decided to provide you with information on a fast-developing popular software — HubSpot CRM. It is capable of competing with CRM market’s giants and attracts the users by the ease of the data entry, as well as accessibility. According to Google Trends, “HubSpot” is one of the most searchable terms in the Internet these days.

hubspot trends

There are some significant reasons why a lot of business owners tend to perform a HubSpot CRM import, and we are going to enlighten you on them.

To Begin With

HubSpot CRM is rather an innovative platform, introduced in 2014. The solution fits the small and mid-sized organizations. The platform obtains the simple-to-use, yet advanced features that can eliminate the manual work and help your sales teams work efficiently. HubSpot CRM has customers from all kinds of industries because of its flexibility and user-friendly interface.

The system offers more than 100 divergent integrations in the whole. Among the most well-known ones there are:

  • Nimble;
  • Netsuite;
  • Zapier;
  • SugarCRM;
  • Salesforce;
  • WordPress;
  • Sidekick;
  • Zoho CRM;
  • And many more.

HubSpot CRM Features

Every platform includes own capabilities that make it visible in the vast crowd of solutions. Among the argumentations for performing HubSpot CRM import is its latitude functionality. Thus, take a look at some major features of the software:

    • Customizable templates that you can share, report, clone, and employ sidebar insights
    • Properties management
    • Contacts and company owner sync
    • Ability to create and associate companies with contacts
    • Customizable deal stages
    • Sideout availability
    • Email signatures
    • Mentions of users
    • Deal and task board
    • Tracking and scheduling
    • Drag and drop communicator
    • Marketing synchronization
    • Customize views

Why HubSpot CRM Import is that Step You Should Take

The solution is free forever for an unlimited number of users. With the help of the platform, you can store up to 1 million contacts. Furthermore, there are some essential benefits that make the system to stand out:

      1. Has user interface that is easy to manage and setup.
      2. Quota management and marketing automation are performed on a high-level.
      3. Developed social network.
      4. “Find Companies” feature that lets your employees research information on companies you’re targeting.

find companies

      1. You can integrate Google (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and others) into CRM, so you can upload presentations, book calendar and many more.
      2. Users don’t have to search for numbers on the computer and dial them into phone anymore, with HubSpot CRM you can make calls directly from the platform based on contact records.
      3. Digital body language feature that allows you to track prospects’ touches on your site and content to tailor conversations.
      4. The software comes with a bonus tool called Sidekick. It is a browser extension that allows you to receive real-time notifications whenever the leads are engaging with your business, for instance, open emails.


Prelude Steps

If all of the above-mentioned arguments convinced you to make a HubSpot CRM import, there are some actions you better complete before starting:

      • As HubSpot CRM is a free solution, it gives you the unique opportunity to try it out before transferring your data (sign in and check it, for example, user interface)
      • Introduce the moderation to your team and prepare them for the changes
      • Prepare the data backup to avoid unpleasant surprises after the import
      • Organize the data properly (e.g. delete some outdated stuff)

How to Perform the Migration

For a smooth HubSpot CRM import, you can check out the Trujay service. That’s an automated tool that allows you to move the data in a fast, hand-off and secure way alongside with the ability to map needed fields/modules. Furthermore, you can restart migration over to overcome the changes. You can try to run a free Demo to check it out.

Using the service, the import process can be effortlessly performed in 4 steps:

Step 1. Sign up to the Trujay account at

Step 2. Find your current CRM system in a drop-down list and provide the account information (URL, password, API token or whatever you use for logging in).

Then select HubSpot CRM as your future solution and specify the email, password and the Hub ID (which you can find by going to your HubSpot CRM admin panel and selecting the right account (if you have several) and top right you’ll see the Hub ID number).

Step 3. Check out and map the fields you want to transfer. Once you are ready, start a free Demo Migration.

Step 4. If you are satisfied with Demo results, you can complete the HubSpot CRM import by running a full.

You can take a look at the video, created by Trujay team on how to perform HubSpot CRM import.

Final Thoughts

HubSpot CRM is an example of a smooth and affordable solution that is suitable for businesses of any size, so it is worth the actions to migrate or, at least, run a free Demo. But the choice, as always, is up to you.

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