Improved Trujay Demo Migration

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Improved Trujay Demo Migration

In today’s rapidly changing world timely technology refresh is a somewhat dreaded, yet necessary task. Sticking with an outdated system, especially if it’s such an essential tool as a CRM platform, carries numerous dangers. There are many different factors that may urge business owners to perform data migration. Some of the most crucial ones include:

  • poor reporting and segmentation options;
  • cumbersome and unresponsive UI;
  • lack of the cloud version of the solution;
  • a lot of bad data in the system, etc

Despite such a variety of reasons for migration, the expected outcome is usually roughly the same - the decrease in resources needed to operate the system and an increase in productivity. While there are many aspects that influence the result of the undertaking, a proper choice of the migration method shouldn’t be underestimated.

Testing the considered data transfer techniques is a great way to protect yourself from the low quality or defective services. However, not all migration solutions provide such an option, much less can you expect to have the test data transfer performed, if you are hiring a freelance developer.

Trujay is a web-based migration service that makes it easy to perform and review the test CRM switch with the help of the free demo migration option.

Previously, the mechanism of demo migration covers the limited migration of all the modules to a new CRM platform. However, we realized that this concept doesn’t explain to you how Trujay handles the transfer of relations among accounts, leads, contacts, etc.

A recently upgraded feature allows seeing the tool in action by moving the limited amount of the CRM entities together with the relations between the records. The improved Trujay demo migration mechanism includes the transfer of the following modules:

  • Accounts (up to 5 records). The system determines the accounts with the highest quantity of relations and migrates no more than 5 of such accounts with the condition that they have up to 25 contacts attached to all of them in total. For example, if the system contains an account with 15 contacts and another account with 10 contacts, only these 2 accounts (along with all modules attached) will be migrated during the demo.
  • Contacts (up to 25) - depending on the quantity of records that have relations with accounts.
  • Opportunities (up to 100) - depending on the quantity of records that have relations with accounts.
  • Tasks (25 records) - independent of any relations.
  • Leads (25 records) - independent of any relations.

Here is a visual schema of how the data is migrated during the Trujay demo transfer.

The schema of Trujay demo migration

In case there are no relations in the system, Trujay demo will migrate 5 accounts and 25 leads.

As for the users, the transfer of this module is disabled in the demo version, and all of the migrated data will be assigned to a single user (the one logged in to Trujay system, if applicable). The full version of the service, however, will migrate all of your CRM users.

Now that you know all the necessary details, you can just register in the Trujay wizard and test the service using your own CRM data. Remember, the demo migration is free of charge, and the setup process takes only a few minutes.

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