Industry-Specific CRM: Intensify Success with Unique Features

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Industry-Specific CRM: Intensify Success with Unique Features

Today’s CRM market offers feature-rich solutions to fulfill nearly all reasonable demands and requirements businesses have. However, companies of various sizes, shapes, and industries need some unique tools without dozens of features that deliver them little or no use at all. That’s when the organizations start to consider an industry-specific CRM.

CRM environment consolidates, and platforms for the particular business segment are coming to the forefront, in particular among the real estate, law, and healthcare sectors. Let’s talk about these 3 modern industries and how CRM will help in their performance enhancement:

CRM for Real Estate

In addition to keeping track of the client’s information, the real estate agencies have to juggle the property wish lists, match the potential buyers with sellers, and follow the funding and closing procedures. In this case, the automation tools of CRM for real estate can help you build action plans. Besides, the platform enables you with creating reports for determining the local and national real estate trends. With the support of the solution, you can easily keep an eye on the pipeline and sales cycles.

Among the variety of the CRM platforms, many real estate organizations pick out Pipedrive or PipelineDeals to fit the industry’s specific requirements. The solution can remind you about the important deadlines, integrates with invoicing and contract applications and helps handle the contracts.

CRM for Healthcare

The medical sector involves patients that interact with different people starting from the doctors, nurses, insurance claim representatives to the office employees. To successfully manage organization's processes, all employees should place an access on the client’s data and their medical history. However, you should incur the controls concerning content, communications and the security of the customer’s data due to the restricted staff’s access to the database.

The platform, like Salesforce, SugarCRM or Microsoft Dynamics, provides collaboration across the entire care teams and engage in the personalized interactions with patients for achieving prospects’ healthier outcomes. Furthermore, the solution simplifies the administrative work: sends out the appointment notifications, birthday cards or bills for services.

CRM for Law Firms

Legal agencies deal with tons of files comprising many cases and clients. One of the necessary tasks of the industry is to keep the personal and sensitive data safely. Moreover, this type of companies requires moving the information through the office, police, courts, and other legal-specific institutions.

If you are looking for CRM that can fit your law company requirements, then Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Bitrix24 or Zoho are the systems to consider. The platform enables you with creating the essential documents and sharing them between the various departments. Quotes and invoices inside the software let you bill the clients by an hour and determine the different hourly rates for lawyers or paralegals within CRM catalogs. One of the most significant benefits of the solution is the possibility of the additional security for the sensitive information and files. Besides, you can schedule the appointments and use calendars with the flexible access rights.

CRM Migration: Simple Step to Go Industry-Specific

An increasing number of CRM solutions for specific markets induces many companies to search for a game-changer platform to satisfy the unique business needs. So, if you want to transfer CRM data swiftly and securely, take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay. The SaaS helps you perform the process without any copy/pasting and coding activities. The valuable features of data mapping and a free Demo Migration simplifies the procedure and gives you an opportunity to check the service in action.

Final Shortcut

With the functionality options aimed at helping your company of the particular market segment runs the successful business, an industry-specific CRM is a solution to accomplish the desired results. Exclude a possibility of spending an additional amount of time, efforts and money on the CRM features you hardly ever use, start looking for a right solution today.

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