Ins and Outs of Smooth Insightly to Highrise Migration [Tutorial]

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Ins and Outs of Smooth Insightly to Highrise Migration [Tutorial]

The climate of the business world is constantly changing due to various customer requirements and innovations for their resolvement. In this digital age, CRM solutions help vendors to deal with the enormous amount of prospect data and use it productivity increase. However, a lot of SMBs and mid-size organizations choose SaaS CRM platforms for business growth.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions

Cloud CRM platforms attract vendors attention due to the low initial costs, extended feature sets, and round-the-clock access. As well, support for mobile apps endures the uptime and have a positive influence on the effectiveness of company performance. Insightly and Highrise are the representatives of cost-effective and practical solutions that draw a large audience of business owners.

Insightly vs. Highrise: Tools that Meet Business Objectives

Comparison of things and technologies is the ordinary activities of vendors that looking forward their company improvement. Insightly and Highrise could be considered as peers in the cloud CRM industry, but these platforms have different abilities and features. Usually, business owners choose CRM in accordance with their requirements. Let’s find out what are reasons of Insightly to Highrise switch.

  • simple UI and comprehensive sidebar navigation
  • contact manager with the ability to add extra fields
  • tasks and activities for inside management
  • deals option for tracking the changes of transactions
  • mobile apps and integration scope
  • ticket management, knowledge base, and self-service support
  • affordable pricing without long-term contracts and obligatory subscription fees

In case Highrise suits your business strategy, you shouldn’t look for another solution that requires overinvestment.

Database and Migration

Migration from Insightly to Highrise is quite long and complex process that consists of several stages. First of all, you need to arrange your records for a switch. Reexamine your business processes and define the most valuable data. Refine it for duplicates and fill in the missing fields. Make sure that modules in Insightly coincide with Highrise modules. And don’t forget to backup your reviewed database.

Migrate from Insightly to Highrise in Few Steps

One of the most effective and practical modes of data transfer is the automated online service. Trujay represents the web-based CRM migration SaaS solutions. It may switch your records in several hours without coding, data importing or human interaction. Besides, there is no breakdown in the system uptime.

Step 1. Register an account at


Step 2. Specify your Insightly type from a drop-down menu and API key.

Step 3. Define your Highrise CRM type, URL, and API token.

Step 4. Select modules you want to switch (contacts, accounts, opportunities, and tasks). Launch a free Demo, during which the service will transfer up to 20 items of each specified module.

Step 5. In case, you are satisfied with the results of the demo, complete your Insightly to Highrise migration.

Considerations are vital, but there should be a happy medium. So, don’t gather doubts, set up a free Demo from Insightly to Highrise and evaluate the service in action. To find more answers to why, where and how to migrate from Insightly to Highrise read this article.


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