Insightly Alternatives: Find Your Flagship Solution

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Insightly Alternatives: Find Your Flagship Solution

A new CRM for your company should bring excitement and not dread. When you are looking at a number of options for Insightly alternatives, keep an eye on the CRM with compelling features that can boost your company's performance. Your choice should fall on the effective and robust platform, yet simple to get up and running. So, how to find an efficient tool without costing a fortune? Let’s explore a list of the main Insightly alternatives platforms, evaluate their capabilities, as well as find out a simple way of moving data to the desired solution.

Insightly Alternatives: How to Choose a Suitable CRM?

The highly competitive CRM market contains a variety of solutions, and choosing a right one for your company can be a challenging task. Among the beneficial platforms, you can take advantage of the following options:

insightly alternatives

Zoho CRM: Best CRM for Customization

In case you want to obtain many sales and marketing tools or get a higher control over the layout and data in your platform, then Zoho CRM is your choice to consider as a CRM among Insightly alternatives list. The platform fits the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Zoho CRM shares the common features with Insightly, except the project management, as well as includes the next capabilities:

  • Possibility to create the invoices, quotes, and purchase orders;
  • Lead scoring for identifying the top leads based on the pre-set rules;
  • Website visitor tracking that helps you explore when leads or contacts are on your website and what pages they are surfing through.
  • Sales signals that are pop-up notifications about leads and customers. For instance; you can receive the notification when the potential client opens your email or mentions you in the social media post.
  • Non-sales tools like customer service management, and email marketing automation.

Explore Zoho CRM editions:

  • Free for up to 10 users. Includes most standard CRM features, but custom reports, mass emails, invoices, customer service management and more.
  • Standard ($12/user/month) increases your storage and adds custom reports, mass emails, lead scoring and many more integrations.
  • Professional ($20/user/month) provides unlimited records storage with lead assignment rules, inventory and customer service management, etc.
  • Enterprise ($35/user/month) adds email auto responders, territory management, conditional fields and more.
  • Ultimate ($100/user/month) adds priority support, advanced customization and more.

Salesforce: Best CRM for Integrations

Salesforce takes its place of honor in our digest of Insightly alternatives. If you use the various programs during the sales process like digital signatures, quoting, proposals, invoices, etc., Salesforce is a great chance to combine and run them from one single place. The platform attracts the companies of all sizes and offers you to take advantage from:

  • AppExchange obtains over 3,000 different adds-on you can connect with Salesforce.
  • Salesforce Einstein offers a lead scoring system that uses AL to predict how you should interact with leads at any particular time. Even though this process requires a bit of setup first, e.g. “programming” the AL components into pipelines and workflows, your team will save time and efforts on the long run.
  • Salesforce Pardot is an efficient email and web-marketing software. You can easily capture and nurture leads, define the workflows, automatically send emails trigger alerts based on how a marketing lead has interacts with your business.

Discover Salesforce packages:

  • SalesforceIQ ($25/user/month) is an advanced contact manager with email integration and follow-up reminders. SalesforceIQ has very limited CRM tools.
  • Lightning Professional ($75/user/month) is the first edition of Salesforce “proper.” It includes opportunity/lead tracking, quotes, customer service mgmt and more.
  • Lightning Enterprise ($150/user/month) adds workflow automation, territory management and more.
  • Lightning Unlimited ($300/user/month) adds 24/7 priority support, sandbox environment and more.

Bitrix24: Best Free Social CRM

Have you think that Bitrix24 could be one of Insightly alternatives? Are you looking for full featured social CRM that can help you manage all social communications from a single place? In this case, Bitrix24 is an option to take advantage of. The platform is designed for small organizations and includes the valuable functionality like:

  • Marketing and sales automation tools that let you automate the different aspects of sales process such as social media advertising.
  • Opportunity to obtain the custom fields, forms, and access right settings.
  • Robust modules for intranet services like conversations, photo gallery, wiki, files, calendars, and tasks.
  • Time management and planning tools comrise event scheduler, calendars, and meeting manager (with CalDAV and Outlook sync.)
  • Document libraries with WebDAV support, versioning, and flexible permission systems.  

Find out Bitrix24 subscriptions:

  • Free for up to 12 users/5GB storage. Obtains the basic set of capabilities except for custom fields, document lock, marketing automation, etc.
  • Plus ($39 user/month)/24 users/24GB storage. Contains the unlimited task dependencies, and adds Chat to CRM functionality.
  • Standard ($99 user/month)unlimited users/100GB storage/is the most popular plan that includes an ability to add your own domain.
  • Profesional ($199/month)unlimited users/unlimited storage. Adds the customization with your own domain and more efficient features like workflow automation.

By and large, if you are looking for an efficient CRM with the focus on customization options, integrations or social media, choose one of the above-mentioned solutions and move CRM data to the desired platform.

Guide to Successful CRM Data Migration

insightly alternatives

Since you make up your mind to perform the data import to one of the Insightly alternatives, the next step should be searching for the right transfer tool. In this case, an automated migration service Trujay can move your records fast and securely with the help of the next features:

  • Security Regulations. The SaaS eliminates a possibility of data loss and enables you with signing NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement.)

  • Modules Mapping. An automated solution provides you with an opportunity to map the fields and users to fit your business requirements and company processes.

  • Free Demo. The service offers an ability to test the migration tool in service and check the capabilities of the future CRM. The service moves a limited amount of data together with relations between the items.

  • CRM Uptime. Your organization will be running as usual, and the employees won’t notice any downtime during the data import to one of the Insightly alternatives.

Now, when you’ve got acquainted with the main advantages of Trujay and ready to start the CRM data migration, consider a few actions before the transition:

  • Investigate your information and clean out the unnecessary records.
  • Launch a free trial of the destination solution to test the functionality options.
  • Call the meeting to announce your team about CRM switch.

When you all fired up for actual migration steps, follow the next steps to perform swift and direct data import to the Insightly alternatives:

  1. Provide the access credentials of the current and future platforms.
  2. Choose the items you want to transfer.
  3. Map the fields and run a free Demo Migration.
  4. If you are satisfied with Demo results, migrate to the desired platform.

Even after the data migration is over, take a few more activities to assure the successful implementation and configuration of the new platform:

  • Check whether all migrated data is accurate and in the appropriate places;
  • Set up workflow rules and analytics;
  • Avoid heavy customizations during the first month to avoid the time-consuming user-adoption;
  • Equip your team with all required tutorials about a new platform.

Bottom Line

All above-mentioned Insightly alternatives can help you boost the sales processes and improve the client experience. Place your business on the path of success and migrate CRM data to the desired solution.

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