Insightly CRM: Open Opportunities for Business

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Insightly CRM: Open Opportunities for Business

Successful leading of a booming company greatly depends on the performance of the customer relationship software that determines cooperation outside and within the organization. The central focus of any size company is an advancement in sales growth and amounts. At present, business owners get confused when it comes to choosing the pertinent CRM solution that will provide them with the innovative marketing options, wise sales campaigns and dependable customer service from a wide range of various alternatives. This decision is even more complicated for the small and mid-sized businesses, that due to the limited budgets, search for a reasonable balance of price and competitive opportunities. For making your quest effective and engaging, we prepared the following post that aims to show Insightly CRM from several angles.

History in Brief

Starting from scratch, Insightly was founded in San Francisco, California in 2009. The company’s plan was obvious, and it targeted for providing small and mid-sized business with competitive in performance, price, and opportunities CRM software. In comparison to SugarCRM, Insightly comes as a controversial solution for running consulting, grocery, manufacturing, non-profit, real estate, retail, and wholesales as well as travel industries.

In the first place, Insightly aimed to enable its clients with thorough insight into business processes and customer data management. Furthermore, the email integration with Gmail, Mailchimp, and social networks (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter) became a powerful marketing tool. Besides the standard features sets and functions as sales automation, email campaigns, project management, customer service and collaboration features, Insightly can propose newsletter and workflow management, time tracking and data encryption and many others.

Cost of Convenience

Insightly offers a trial, free and commercial plans. If you want to try features of a paid-licence, you can evaluate it during 14 days chargeless. There are two paid plans that provide more options and features. The standard version can be billed monthly ($9 user/month) and annually ($7 user/month), however, set of opportunities doesn’t change (unlimited users and storage, 25 custom fields, 100,000 records, custom branding, Google contact and calendar synchronization and Mailchimp integration). Enterprise plan offers the same option as the standard, except it provides unlimited users, storage, and records, 25 custom fields.

It’s worth to emphasize that flexible payment, no cancellation or upgrade fees and no fixed term contracts are attractive privileges of Insightly.

Juxtaposition of Sales and  Marketing

The core CRM options for leading profitable business are the sales and marketing automation. Building a strategic sales plan, you search for an active collaboration and closing the deals avoiding administrative hurdles and taking more control over the processes. Customer database, lead management, billing, invoicing and integrating with the third party allow running prolific campaigns and projects. Moreover, Insightly supplies with varied contact (contact history, contact manager and contact scheduler) and report (customer report, pipeline report, and sales report) tools which facilitate the planning targeted offers, the prediction of monthly or quarterly sales and the monitoring the implementations of the deals.

Campaign dashboard and project management as well as email marketing, social media and product catalogue turn to the standard features. Insightly aims for creative and vigorous marketing, so newsletter, workflow and mailing list anagements are appropriate and practical in use. The mutual employment of these features enables with strong lead management, identifying targeted customer and forecast future sales. Insightly offers around the globe managing with mobile application and worldwide sales due to multi-currency feature.

Customization, Security and Support on the Level

Generally, the intuitive interface is simple in use due to feature-rich dashboards. Nevertheless, you can customize it with additional fields or remove unnecessary tools to make it user friendly. Apart from the changing the theme, the customer can modify the default URL.

Another significant aspect is security. The software servers have a military-grade encryption, besides, Insightly affords the off-site data storage, daily backup and disaster recovery options. Also, there are such security features as group management and organization hierarchy that provide access to certain data for company workers and customers.

Insightly support conforms with the clients’ requirements. Blog, knowledge base, instructional videos and tips as well as lifechat, self-support portal and help desk provide distinctive and complementary solving of issues.

Drawing a Line

So, the appliance of Insightly enables you with a dependable and beneficial cooperation with your customers, as well as improvement of the inside relationship and optimization of sales and marketing processes. Taking into account all mentioned above, the shifting from your current CRM software to Insightly will be the practical solution and the paramount for the future profits.

So, perform your Insightly migration, using Trujay, automated service, that will migrate your CRM data quickly and accurately.

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