Insightly CRM Setting Up: Ready! Aim! Fire! [+Video Inside]

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Insightly CRM Setting Up: Ready! Aim! Fire! [+Video Inside]

Thorough selection and well-executed implementation are important points to ensure that your Customer Relationship Management system meets the organization special needs. It is essential to be positive that your company will get all necessary features and support, before making a final choice of a new platform. So, if you are considering Insightly CRM, take a look at this article, describing the basic features of the solution and its setup mechanism.

Touchbase with Insightly

Do you know that over 800,000 users in 100 countries rely on Insightly every single day? This platform enables small business owners and teams to be productive and work together more effectively, in the office or on the go. Insightly offers an intuitive and simple interface that increases the speed of user adoption. So, if you are digging into the world of Insightly CRM for the first time, you might want to watch an introductory video to get a general picture of the platform.

Managing Contacts

With Insightly, you can keep all contacts in order and monitor important information about them, from background, email history and important dates, to any projects or events they are engaged in. There are three options of importing contacts: from a file import, Gmail address book, or you can get them to the system manually.

The Power of Links

What makes Insightly so great is its ability to link related items together. The link section is available for tasks, contacts, organizations, opportunities, projects, notes and emails. This allows you to move between the different records in your database easily, making them intuitively connected and just one click away.

Reporting Options

Insightly offers specific reports and analytic options that can be customized to your needs. It focuses mostly around sales opportunities, but it is capable of analyzing  completed and overdue activities as well. With Insightly CRM, you can easily see opportunity details such as:

  • responsible user
  • pipeline
  • pipeline stage
  • close date
  • probability of winning
  • value

Share helpful graphs and reporting with your team and analyze your business from any side you need.

Tasks and Calendar Set Up

Insightly gives you an opportunity to stay organized by managing tasks and events effectively. Structuralize your work by categorizing tasks with email, follow up, phone call, user, and status. Stay responsible and track all your assignments by due date with email reminders without even logging into the system.

Workflow automation

There are two ways to automate work with Insightly by using activity sets or pipelines. The first option is a template for tasks, which can then all be applied to a Contact, Organization, Opportunity or Project at once. Pipeline, on the other hand, is a set of several stages that can be defined for both projects and opportunities. Check out a quick video for more instructions:

Powerful Integrations

Insightly enables synchronization with mailboxes, social media networks, back-office systems and various third-party solutions. Note, the platform is specially designed for seamless integration with many widely-used programs including Google Drive, Google Apps, and Gmail, which makes it even more convenient and time-efficient. To find out more about various integration options, watch a short video:

To conclude, if you are looking for more information about Insightly features and its configurations, stop by at Insightly Support and check out How-To Videos. In case you are thinking to move all your data to Insightly, an automated migration service Trujay can help you to make the CRM transfer easy and safe. Try free demo migration and discover how to set up the process of switching in just a few clicks.


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