Insightly Reporting: Gain Valuable Insights for Your Company Boom

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Insightly Reporting: Gain Valuable Insights for Your Company Boom

The main function of every CRM platform is to promote a better buyer-seller relationship and enhance the business revenue. Yet, in order to achieve this objective, the solutions take a variety of forms and includes a wide range of capabilities.

The CRM systems help tracking leads through the sales pipeline, investigating the client's’ habits, segmenting prospects into marketing-relevant groups, etc. In this case, you can ensure the sales reps, marketers and other departments to have access to the kind of accurate data that they can rely on when making the future improvements. Albeit, before any of that information can be put to the productive use, it requires to make the journey from CRM to decision maker, and that needs the efficient reporting.

So, the formula for company success comprises the knowledge of the business workflow, understanding the customers’ demands, and tools to determine and interpret the results. With Insightly reporting, you can receive the facets solution to performance analysis and forecasting. Let's find out the main types of Insightly reports and how to gain the beneficial insights into the most important aspects of your organization: sales, productivity, and relationships.

Insightly Reporting Guide

Since the platform stands out for its analytical options, the reports are divided into 2 major categories:

  • Advanced. Build the custom tabular reports with charts based on fields and parameters that you select. These robust reports can be saved and shared between the team members and departments. Besides, if you obtain a paid subscription plan, you get an opportunity to set up for scheduling and email alerts. To be more specific, check out the top functionality of the Insightly advanced reports:

  • Custom Reports & Charts
  • Linked Item Reports
  • Pipeline Reporting
  • Pre-Built Reports
  • Report Scheduling
  • Smart Alerts
  • Reporting Filter Logic

Also, it is recommended to keep in mind that if you want to build the report, you should understand the tools you're working with:

-  inspect the advanced reporting pages to understand the primary areas for reports;

-  plan your report by thinking about the question you want to be answered and where you'll find answers in Insightly.

With all being said about advanced Insightly reporting, check out the following video provided by platform’s website  and find out how to build the efficient custom reports:

  • Legacy. Get a quick path to build the opportunity and activity reports, as well as filter options to select them. Every report includes the links to filter records by commonly used date ranges, field values, etc. When you run the report, the header shows a number of records found and a button to format the report for printing. Learn more information about Legacy analytics here.

How to Switch Between the Insightly Reporting Choices?

In case you want to move from the custom reporting to the basic ones or vice versa, click the Legacy Reports/Advanced Reporting button on the Reports page. Explore the next visual for better understanding:

  Image made by Insightly

By and large, Insightly attracts many companies with the powerful reporting tools that can help identify the information about the effectiveness of business processes and efficiency of the team performance. As a result, some organizations decide to perform the CRM data import to Insightly and take advantage of the robust analytics. In this case, you can consider an automated migration service Trujay to move the CRM records fast and securely. The transition process doesn’t require any programming skills or copy/pasting actions. Moreover, the SaaS offers you the next beneficial functionality:

Since the CRM data transfer can seem a challenging task, the automated service simplifies the procedure by following the several easy steps:

  1. register your account at;
  2. specify the existing CRM access credentials. Then, choose Insightly from drop-down box and provide Api Key;
  3. launch a test data import to check the service in action;
  4. run Insightly migration if you satisfied with a Demo results.

Pulling It All Together

Insightly reporting is a great way for measuring progress and tracking your company efforts  and employees performance that can help make better future decisions and lead your business to the path of growth. The above-mentioned reports can change the view on your Insightly CRM data. So, if you are interested in the platform and search for such robust reporting functionality, take all the hacks into consideration and migrate CRM data from the current platform to Insightly with Trujay.

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