Insightly to Agile Migration: Let Your Business Grow

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Insightly to Agile Migration: Let Your Business Grow

You are the business owner that uses the CRM system. In that case, please, answer the question: “Does the current platform satisfy your company’s requests and budget completely?.”  Keep running your business if the reply is “Yes.” But, if you said “No” or hesitate to respond, it is high time to look for an alternative way of making business. For example, you can change the current CRM to another one and migrate Insightly to Agile. Therefore, pay attention to this article, get known more about both the platforms and find out how to transfer your data to Agile hassle-free.


Insightly vs Agile Comparison

Let’s learn more about both platforms to find out their features and benefits.

Brief Overview

Insightly tends to be number one cloud-based CRM for the small business. The platform has about 500,000 users worldwide.

Its main feature is to ensure the contacts, tasks and pipeline management to make users get clear sales visibility and the business overview. That is how, they can track deliveries to customers and improve the interaction with them, perform and increase the team productivity within the organization.

Agile is a cloud-based CRM that ensures core functionalities for both the sales, service, marketing, and web engagement platforms. It enables you to keep all of them in a single unified solution.

It is a robust solution for the small and medium businesses across multiple industries. The platform is trusted by thousands of companies all over the world. Agile CRM offers many features like project and contact management, scheduling, email tracking, customer service, sales, and marketing automation, landing pages, and social media marketing.

That is how the users get a unified platform to keep all the information and people on a single page, streamline the business tasks, enhance the communication and collaboration within the company to improve its productivity.


As you can see, both solutions are well suitable for the direct business requests and can help you to achieve the desired goals fast. But, let’s take a look at the other aspects to make sure that Insightly to Agile migration is your choice.


Price Matter

Learn more about the cost of each platform to avoid the unpleasant surprise for your budget.


Insightly has a free 14-day trial. After the trial is over, you should choose one of the subscription plans:

Free Plan - for up to 2 users, 10 mass emails/day, up to 2,500 records, self-service support

Plus Plan – $29/month/user (billed annually) - 100,000 records, 2,500 mass emails/day, email support

Professional Plan – $49/month/user (billed annually) - 250,000 records, 5,000 mass emails/day, priority email support

Enterprise Plan – $99/month/user (billed annually) - unlimited records, 10,000 mass emails/day, priority email support


Agile offers its users SMB, freemium, and 3 pricing plans.

Free - for up to 10 users; 50.000 contacts and companies; allows custom data fields; 2-way telephony and email tracking.

Starter –  $9.99/month (billed annually) or $8.99/month (2 years subscription) - 5,000 emails; email campaigns; landing page, form and emails templates builder; social monitoring; mobile marketing.

Regular – $39.99/month (billed annually) or $29.99/month (2 years subscription) - views; activities; groups, helpdesk, reports/

Enterprise – $64.99/month (billed annually) or $47.99/month (2 years subscription) - 50+ Plugins and Integrations; both email & phone support; Google/Shopify/Stripe Sync; Chrome extension; basic and email reports/


How to Migrate Insightly to Agile Hassle-Free

Take a look at several ways to migrate your data from one solution to another one and choose your own.

  1. Migrate data on your own

Rewrite all the information by yourself. You will have to copy/paste every single record. That makes you able to recollect the contacts, delete the old or unuseful ones and set up the relations between records in right order.

Sounds good, doesn't it? However, get ready to spend a lot of time to perform that labor-consuming task or waste money to hire a freelancer.

  1. Migrate Data Automatically

You can get following benefits while choosing that option:

  • the data will be migrated in short-term;
  • you will avoid doing this heavyweight and time-consuming task manually;
  • that will give you time to manage another business processes;
  • there will be no “human mistakes” during the migration.

So it’s up to you, to choose the way to migrate Insightly to Agile.


Trujay Users Testimonial

Trujay team does our best to satisfy all the client’s requests regarding their CRM migration. Here is what they say about the service.

insightly to agile


Insightly to Agile Migration Like One-Two-Three

Get guidance on how to provide the CRM data migration in few clicks.

Step 1. Visit Trujay Migration page and log into your existing Trujay account or fill in your credentials to register the new one.

Either, you can login via social network accounts.


Step 2. Select Insightly from the drop-down list and provide your API key. Or get known How to find Insightly CRM API Key. Specify your Agile type and enter your URL, Email and API key. Find out How To Get the API Key.

Step 3. Choose CRM modules you wish to switch and run Free Demo migration to see the service in progress.

Step 4. Start Insightly to Agile migration if you are fulfilled with the demo results.

In another hand, you can schedule Trujay expert’s call and get helpful insights.



It is never too soon or too late to improve your business. So, migrate Insightly to Agile and assure your business growth with the help of Trujay.

Switch a slice of your real data to the chosen solution by running Demo Migration. That is free and secure.

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