Insightly to Hubspot CRM Migration: Give Your Business a Fresh Look

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Insightly to Hubspot CRM Migration: Give Your Business a Fresh Look


For many businesses taking the next step to a new CRM platform may revolutionize it, helping to become more efficient, joined-up and eventually increase sales. But when do you know it's time to invest in a new CRM solution, and move away from an old one (e. g., Insightly to Hubspot CRM)?



According to CRM Industry User Research, it was identified that the main reasons for the CRM switch are:



  • Previous CRM didn’t have enough features


  • The solution was no longer evolving


  • The platform became too expensive


  • The software didn’t support company size anymore


  • CRM was too hard to use



Capterra Chart



Accordingly, if your company encounters some of the issues above, then you should keep your eyes open for the game-changer solution. So, let's talk about how to make Insightly to Hubspot CRM migration smoothly as well as the upsides and drawbacks of the mentioned platforms.



Insightly vs. Hubspot CRM: Strong and Weak Points


As both systems are perfect for small and mid-sized businesses, Insightly and Hubspot were introduced to the CRM market in 2011 and 2015 respectively. Being a comparatively young software, they already offer some comprehensive features, like the following:




  • The linking ability gives you an opportunity to connect related items together. In this case, you can move between the various records in the database fast and easy


  • Project Management features help you see the recent activity on any project as well as include task, pipeline, and email tracking. Also, you can get automatic deadline reminders via email and the option to create or measure milestones


  • The platform gives you an opportunity to manage tags that can be connected to projects, organizations, contacts, and emails. It makes easier to find groups of records promptly, for instance by demographic info or industry. You can even set filters that narrow down the search options


Hubspot CRM:


  • Pipeline Tracking and Deal Dashboard tools stand out for the ability to monitor where things are going and how deals are progressing


  • Hubspot timeline allows you to manage your emails, notes, calls, and even website visits into one intuitive view


  • The software can easily integrate with Gmail and Google Apps, where you can send emails right from any contact with your platform. Furthermore, Hubspot connects with Google Calendar, which helps you see the scheduled meetings and set up new ones with a mouse click


  • Sidekick extension lets you receive real-time notifications as soon as the leads are engaging with your business. For example, you can monitor when the potential customers visit your website or open the emails



Pre-Transferring Arrangements


CRM data migration is a relatively common project nowadays, but not an easy process. Appropriate planning and the right preparation steps are the keys to data switch success. So, here are some suggestions for the smooth and swift transfer:


  • Organize your data. Try to eliminate all the redundant info and dupes before the process, so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary items after the migration


  • Get secured. It is highly recommended to create a backup and retain it even after the transfer is complete. In this case, you can prevent the business from any data loss


  • Inform the employees. Notify your staff about the change of the system and provide essential information as well as hold the meetings



Switch from Insightly to Hubspot CRM Simply


After the preparation steps are over, you can proceed with the actual transfer. So, there are two ways to complete data migration - manual and automated.


For example, you can choose to transfer data on your own with the help of files. However, keep in mind, that if you perform data mapping in the wrong way, it can undermine the final results. Moreover, in case you have to transfer any custom fields, it will most likely take a lot of time and effort.


Another approach is to look for the tools, that can easily simplify the process of data transfer. At this point, you may certainly consider an automated migration system, Trujay. The software is designed to help you move data from current CRM to a new one fast, secure, and completely hands-off. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the interruptions of any business processes. Your source system will stay alive during the whole migration as well as all the relations between the records will be restored.



Why Choose Trujay For Data Migration


Take advantage of automated data migration to assure secure and smooth Insightly to HubSpot CRM transfer.


The benefits of SaaS:


  • Data Security and Privacy. The service complies with the GDPR requirements. Therefore, the service excludes any possibility of information loss. Besides, you can sign up a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


  • Data Mapping. The users can map the modules and users on their own. Also, the system warns the users about the unmapped field and asks them to choose among the available options


  • Some CRM systems do not support custom fields. Trujay users can use the Service Package to complete their data transfer


  • Users Mapping. Select the user of future CRM to assign the current CRM user’s data to it. Als, you can create a new user on the future platform. Then, reload a page to see the changes


  • 100% Uptime for Both CRMs. The service excludes the business delay during the CRM data import


  • Free Coding and Copy/Pasting. Trujay can help you to avoid time-consuming work



  • No duplication. The service can help you migrate data without copies


How To Migrate from Insightly to HubSpot With Trujay



Now, it is time to left behind the doubts and let the Trujay team implement your Insightly to HubSpot CRM migration.


Step 1. Go to Trujay's Self-Service tool and start a one-page sample migration right away. No registration required. Specify your existing CRM, Insightly, by providing the required credentials. Now, define your destination CRM - Hubspot and log in to allow us the data access. Then, you’ll be redirected back to the migration wizard automatically.

insightly to hubspot migration


When you've completed filling out your credentials, launch the free sample migration. Don't forget to provide an email before starting free Sample migration so we will send the results there.


Notice. For the very first time, your data fields will be mapped automatically according to the most common logic.

Step 2. Check out your Sample migration results. If you are satisfied, choose a suitable insurance plan and launch full Insightly to HubSpot CRM migration.


insightly to hubspot


In case you are not happy with the Sample results, press the Change options and set up the custom mapping. Select users and items you’d like to migrate to your new CRM platform. Check the corresponding boxes to migrate your accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities, leads, and notes together with the related activities such as calls and events. Also, you are free to map every data field.


Guided Self-Service


In case you’ve reviewed our self-service tool, but you don’t want to use the self-service tool on your own, we have your back. 


Our Guided Migration Service allows you to simply pay for 5 hours of technical support. You’ll have a dedicated, personal account manager discuss your options, guide you through the mapping process, and/or do the entire Self-Service Migration for you. For more details on our Guided Service, visit our Guided Self-Service Migration and get in touch with our experts at Characteristics:


  • Cost-conscious 
  • 5 hours of expert support
  • Less time-consuming
  • Personal account manager
  • Automated migration process


Custom Migration


Trujay’s Custom Migration Service is a more personal and less DIY-type of approach. Our account managers will guide you through the entire process. 


Custom Migrations provide you with a personal account manager, migration setup, customization of migration, migration assistance, and the following features:


  • Higher cost 
  • Almost no limitations 
  • Very low involvement
  • Personal approach
  • Little to no time consumed
  • Pre/Post-migration validity
  • Automated migration process


You can find the difference between Self-Service Migration and Custom Migration here and more useful information in our blog.  


Custom migration offers these following packages.


 Suggestions after Insightly to HubSpot Migration


Even the data transfer is complete, it is recommended to take a few more steps for better system implementation and configuration. First of all, you should check out if all the records were transferred to the appropriate places and find out if all relations are retained in the same way. Then you can enter company details, integrate mailboxes, distribute the access permissions and make other adjustments if required. However, try to avoid any heavy customizations during the first period, because the end-user can be too puzzled.


Also, you should create personalized workflow rules and fix up the specific filters for reporting tools. Finally, don’t forget about your employees after the migration process. You should continue to provide valuable information about the new solution. However, try not to give too many training at a time, because your staff can get overwhelmed. In this case, you may equip your workers with online tutorials, so they can reach them out in the process of need.



Bringing it All Together


Migration from Insightly to Hubspot CRM is a chance to uncover the new areas for your company development.  As the process requires careful preparation and team coaching, you should take all the tips and tricks above to succeed.


Switch a part of your real data into Hubspot CRM by yourself by running a free Sample Migration, estimate migration price or get in touch with a Trujay expert for useful insights.


For more information on additional Trujay services, visit


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