Insightly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Migration: Stretch Your Success with New CRM

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Insightly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Migration: Stretch Your Success with New CRM

Changes have become a constant feature of business running. The companies keep looking for software and tools that let them boost the incomes and customer experiences along with cost-efficiency maintenance. The CRM world is no different - the competitiveness of platforms induces both SMBs and enterprises to search for practical ways to enhance the performance. As a result, many businesses prone migrating to more advanced ones due to diverse argumentations.

In 2015, Capterra surveyed 500 industries of all sizes to investigate the CRM usage. Thus, CRM Industry User Research Report by Capterra indicated that the substantial reasons for the CRM switch are:

  • the former system lacked functionality options
  • software was not longer evolving
  • the platform maintenance has become too expensive
  • the solution didn’t support company size anymore
  • CRM was too hard to use and required additional training
Reasons of CRM switch

Consequently, if your business undergoes several challenges above, then it's time to set up a search for the game-changer system. Thus, today's CRM market offers you such robust and holistic solutions as Insightly and Microsoft Dynamics. So, let's knuckle down pros and cons of these platforms and reveal the main stages of data migration.

Insightly vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Analyzing Strong Points and Drawbacks

Insightly has entered the CRM world in 2011, while Microsoft Dynamics has been running businesses since 2003. Although the systems have a weighty age gap, both of them offer some compelling toolkits and configuration options.

Insightly: A Quick Peek Under the Hood

In a world awash in data, Insightly is a good option for small and mid-sized companies. Notwithstanding, being a rather new platform, it offers the flexibility, user-friendly interface and linking ability. With creating tasks and milestones for projects, Insightly allows you to facilitate and agile the workflows.

Insightly includes nine types of reports, but this option doesn't substitute the user requirements in system customization capabilities. While CRM platforms let you cover analytics using all the categories, Insightly places the primary focus on opportunities and pipelines.

All in all, Insightly integrates well with many tools, however, it goes short in some functionality options with Google Apps. For example, if you don’t start the solution through Google Apps, you can face some issues with the integration on the road.  

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Feature Set to Sharpen Your Revenue

In the same line, though, Microsoft Dynamics CRM targets the businesses of all sizes, especially large enterprises. The platform provides the clean interface, and, despite the little bit steep initial learning curve, the system is easy to work. Moreover, you can view and manage tasks, cases, emails, and queues on the multi-stream dashboard that delivers a visual snapshot of the main metrics related to the work items.  

The software looks and feels familiar as it tightly integrates other Microsoft Office applications that also encourage user adoption. Microsoft Dynamics offers you well-designed dashboards and drill down functions as well as the reports available in the solution. The Report Wizard helps you select the records you are interested in, then determine filters, and choose the columns for the reports.

Furthermore, you have an opportunity to utilize Excel templates to manage all the business tasks (i.e. calculating commissions, managing sales forecasts, etc.). Also, you can obtain the analysis of the sales processes from CRM and save time on elimination switching between the apps

Final takeaway: none of the platforms is necessarily “better” than the other, but rather fits the needs of different companies. For organizations looking for more advanced software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM might be too elaborate. Despite the interface peculiarities, Microsoft Dynamics gets a critical advantage regarding functionality, configuration and integration options. Also, you can notice that it holds the place of a popular and practical solution due to Google Trend Comparison Chart:

Insightly vs Microsoft Dynamics Comparison Chart

Finally, if you are thinking of transferring your data from Insightly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then you should explore the next steps for the fast and secure migration.

Tune Up Your CRM Switch

Well-thought planning and preparation are important measures for a relocation flow from Insightly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, focus on the tips to get ready:

  • Test your desired CRM

The simpliest way to discover if the solution can help encounter your business goals and objectives, as well as satisfy the needs. Hence, Microsoft Dynamics provides you with an option of a free trial. During the test drive of the CRM, compare compare all the modules, implementation and configuration options.

  • Inspect your information

If you want to transfer the records without the irrelevant and unnecessary items, get deeper insight into the structure of your data, and where it resides to clean out the useless info.

As cliche as it sounds, but running business drives a lot of records into your database, and it may store the dirty and useless information. At this point, don't hop on board of migration right away, but review and refine your database before transferring.Yet, if your data includes historical items like obsolete appointments, completed meetings, or phone calls, then you might not deal with it for future activities. You can handle these items separately and considered as closed actions.

What is more, you may filter the records during the switch in case you are not willing to relocate all the info at the same time.You may apply tested and proved Trujay practice and transit the data by:

  • date (setting the certain period)
  • a number of contacts that are connected to a particular user
  • relations to specific records (for instance, all the contacts related to tasks)
  • Prepare the backup

During the CRM migration process, having the database backup becomes the must-have facet, the downloading a backup becomes the critical procedure. On this grounds, it is better to identify whether your platform supports the ability to copy the data into CSV files.

Smooth Switchover from Insightly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Leaving all the preparation steps behind, you start looking for a right tool to perform the transition. In this case, you can take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay. The Saas can help you manage the relocation hands-off in 4 easy steps.

Furthermore, the online converter defines the mapping of the appropriate fields and transfers the records preserving all their relations. If you want to complete any other custom tasks, you can accomplish them with the help of our tech team.

With the emphasis on the quality, Trujay enables you with the the beneficial feature of free Demo Migration to see the process in action. Another pro tip: when the Demo to your new Microsoft Dynamics CRM is complete, check the accuracy of results. Set up your reviewing process from the contact module and compare it with the existing records.

And as a cherry on the top, your current CRM solution will work as a clock without disruptions during the migration process.

Post-Migration System Polishing

To strengthen the success moment, let's unwrap the few tips for better system implementation and automation:

  • check out if the records are transferred to the proper fields
  • find out if the relations between the items are restored in the right way
  • fix up the filters for reporting tools
  • make sure you’ve built personalized workflow rules
  • educate your staff to use a new solution by providing trainings and holding the meetings.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, both Insightly and Microsoft Dynamics are beneficial systems to boost your sales processes and improve customer experiences. However, it is worth to keep in mind that Insightly is not reach-featured enough for the large businesses and corporations. Microsoft Dynamics, on the other hand, supports the customizations to comply with the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Hence, if you take all the tips and tricks above into consideration, you can proceed and succeed with the migration from Insightly to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the easy and secure way. Sounds interesting and you want to learn more information on the software, as well as the process of data relocation, contact our expert for useful insights.

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