Insightly to Pipedrive Migration: Pinch Your Business with Bunch of Success

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Insightly to Pipedrive Migration: Pinch Your Business with Bunch of Success

The competitiveness of CRM world spurs the companies of various size to look for different ways to improve their performance. As a result, many organizations that are used old platforms tend to migrate to more advanced ones due to the various reasons.

In 2015, Capterra surveyed 500 companies of different sizes to analyze their CRM usage. Hence, CRM Industry User Research Report by Capterra indicated that the significant argumentations of the CRM transferring are:

  • old solution lacked enough features
  • the platform was not longer developing
  • the solution started to become too expensive
  • CRM didn’t support organization’s size anymore
  • Software was too complicated to use
Reasons of CRM switch Chart

Consequently, if you feel that the company meet some of the challenges above, then you should consider searching for a game-changer. In this article, we would like to focus on the useful tips about Insightly and Pipedrive solutions as well as the main steps of the migration process from one to another.

Insightly vs. Pipedrive: Comparison Set of Features

As both solutions were introduced to the CRM market almost at the same time, they also share very similarly, yet compelling features.


Insightly is a practical tool for small and mid-sized businesses. Nevertheless, due to the constant innovations, now the solution provides abilities that comply with the needs of larger companies as well. Even though Insightly is a relatively new solution, you can take advantage of the flexibility, linking option and fast database. Furthermore, the possibility to create tasks for projects and milestones help you facilitate workflows.

Notwithstanding, Insightly provides 9 types of reports, many users lack the number of customization options. While some CRM solutions let you run analytics using all the categories, Insightly is centered more on opportunities and pipelines. At this point, if you decide to investigate a larger amount of data, then Insightly might not be a choice for your company.

All in all, Insightly includes some integration options, in connection with Google Apps. For instance, if you don’t start the platform through Google Apps, you can face some challenges with the integration later on.


Pipedrive is a simple, yet robust sales pipeline management system used by small and medium businesses. The platform enables you to see all sales processes and ensures the important deals are not dropped. As the solution is highly customizable, you can take advantage of the series of stages that your prospects go through. In this case, every detail of the interaction can be cataloged as well as notifications may be fixed up with follow-ups and to do lists.

While speaking about reporting tools, compared to Insightly, Pipedrive lets you segment information by a number of different criteria. Moreover, the system integrates well with Google Applications, as well as has a great capacity of system tailoring.

Cost Significance

To the price matter, many consumers consider Insightly and Pipedrive as the reasonable solutions. So, Insightly offers a free version up to 2 users and 4 paid subscriptions. Consequently, the Basic edition starts from $15 per user per month with the monthly contract.

Pipedrive, on the other hand, offers a plan for $12 per user per month without any additional charges like account limits, contracts or hidden fees.

First and last, even though the platforms have a lot in common, Pipedrive gets the moderate advantage over Insightly. Moreover, if you glance at Google Trend Comparison Chart, you can notice that Insightly popularity decreased for the past year:

Google Trend Insightly/Pipedrive

Now, when you all fired up with information and the reasons for migration from Insightly to Pipedrive are visible, follow the next steps to complete the transferring swift and easy.

Trujay.Api is a web service designed to make integrations of services like Insightly and Pipedrive. You can use our simple interface to quickly design your own custom integrations. However, right now it's on hold, so feel free to use Trujay.Migration and migrate your data easily.

Actions before CRM Switch

As thorough planning and preparation steps are the keys to the smooth transition from Insightly to Pipedrive, check out the following suggestions to get ready:

  • try out the new platform. Before making any crucial decisions and migrating all the data, you can take an opportunity to test Pipedrive free trial. In this case, you can explore the system in action and see all the configuration or implementation options.
  • get secured. Remember ‘Murthy’s Law’ and make sure to create a backup of your current CRM to eliminate a chance of any data loss. Also, it is better to keep it even after the switch.

In our case, if you want to perform Pipedrive data back up, just go to ‘Settings’, press ‘Export data’ from the left sidebar menu and download data into Excel files.

Pipedrive Export Files
  • arrange your information. Find out how your data is structured and explore the pieces that need some additional attention. Besides, choose the records that should be transferred to the desired CRM or left behind.

For instance, in case your database has historical items like outdated appointments or phone calls, it is more likely you won't need them for the future business processes.

  • notify about a change. Don’t forget how CRM switch can impact your employees. So, you should hold the meetings and provide the information about the expectations and challenges the staff can face after the adoption of the platform.

Insightly to Pipedrive Transfer in 4 Easy Clicks

Now, when you are all set up for the switch, start your transition process by using an automated migration system Trujay:

  1. Go to and create an account there.

2. Now, select your existing CRM – Insightly and specify an API token.

After that, choose your new CRM - Pipedrive and provide its API Key.

3. At this point, you have a valuable option to set up peculiar fields mapping in accordance to your business need. Select a module and click 'View or Change Field Mapping'.

Сheck out if all the fields are mapped in the right way.

Now, you can start your free Demo Migration to see the process in action. The service will transfer the limited amount of the following Pipedrive items together with the relations between the records.

4. So, check out your Demo migration results. If you are satisfied, you may proceed with the switch to Pipedrive solution.

Hence, the service will move all your data without any business interruptions, so you will be able to get to work right away.

Post-Transferring Activities

Now, when the most challenging part of migration process is behind, start performing actions important for successful system implementation as well as automation:

  1. see if all the items are moved to the proper places
  2. fix up specific filters for analytical processes and reports
  3. create the personalized workflow rules
  4. check out if all relations are restored in the right way
  5. make sure all your employees are equipped with necessary instructions and tutorials, so they can start working without having too many troubles.

Final Thoughts

If you want to uncover the new areas for your business development, then switch from Insightly to Pipedrive is a way to go. Thus, take all the information above into consideration and start the transferring process with the help of automated migration system Trujay. Don’t wait up, start your free Demo right now!

Learn more about why and how you should migrate to Pipedrive.

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