Insightly to Solve360: Launching Perspective for Business Growth [Tutorial]

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Insightly to Solve360: Launching Perspective for Business Growth [Tutorial]

Online customers differ from the typical and average clients. They have a special set of expectations and requirements, as well as wait for close to immediate service and the ability of self-service. So, the CRM systems come as a remedy and solution for these burning issues.

Value of CRM for Your Business

The tools and approaches to business running by maximize the opportunities to anticipate customers needs along with enhancing marketing towards more responsive campaigns. Besides, with CRM you can identify the key processes and scope of their improvement, as well as enable faster support service. Also, your sales reps can advance the cross-selling and upselling procedures and provide clients with after sales support that is awaited but a rare activity. Either the lack of some functions or the abundance of functionality spur business owners to change their current CRMs. Such cloud solutions as Insightly and Solve360 have gained their reputation due to a high effectiveness. Yet, there is a growing tendency to switch from Insightly to Solve360.

Insightly vs Solve360: Approved Tools for Performance Exploit

It goes without saying, every CRM system provides you with benefits in business running along with sparing efforts, human and money resources. However, business strategy, as well as organizational structure, has its peculiarities and needs specific tools. Many vendors find such features in Solve360. So, here are few reasons of Insightly to Solve360 data migration.

  • multi-language and easy-to-use UI that improves CRM adoption rates
  • structured database for storing contacts and companies, as well as customize and add extra required information
  • project management for planning, monitoring, and efficient tasks accomplishment
  • options for workflows and report building
  • scope for system integration

Benefits of An Automated Data Migration

Many vendors look for a direct, accurate and secure records transfer from Insightly to Solve360. The automated service Trujay meets these requirements and provides a coding and completely hands-off mode of data transfer. Moreover, it lasts up to several hours and has no ill-effect on the current system uptime.

Instructive Guide for Insightly to Solve360 Migration

Step 1. Register your account at Provide your name, email, a phone number and choose a login and a password.


Step 2. Select your Insightly from a drop-down menu and specify your API key.
Step 3. Provide your Solve360 URL, email, and API token.


Step 4. Select options you want to migrate (contacts, accounts, tasks, and opportunities). Run a free demo to the service in action. It will switch a limited amount of records from each specified module.


Step 5. In case, you are satisfied with the demo results, start your full Insightly to Solve360 migration.

Obviously, time spent in considerations brings you no profits. So instead of twiddling your thumbs, set up a free demo migration and see how easy to switch your CRM data with Trujay.

P.S. If you want to transfer your CRM data together with the custom fields, modules, attachments, emails, ect., just request a demo migration and Data2CRm team do their best to meet your business need.


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