Insightly vs Zoho: Which One Gives You a Flying Start?

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Insightly vs Zoho: Which One Gives You a Flying Start?

In the fast-evolving rhythm of web technologies, automation has become a fundamental part of everyday life. Currently, it’s almost impossible to overestimate the importance of a right-your-size customer relationship management system. There are thousands of CRM platforms that are floating around the web, and finding the right one has become not an easy task. When it comes to choosing between Insightly vs Zoho, the real deciding factor comes down to what you really need your CRM to do and how much time, money, and effort you are willing to put into it. Take your time to read the article carefully, and get prepared to make probably one of the most important decisions for your business growth.



Insightly vs Zoho CRM: Comparison of the Main Aspects


While comparing Insightly vs Zoho, both are well-known systems with a huge base of instruments that are aimed to expand your business boundaries, increase company revenue and save your effort by improving your management way, sales automation, and marketing possibilities. In a nutshell, Insightly is a web-based software; that was founded in California in 2009. Zoho is a flexible system oriented for small and mid-size companies, which was launched in 2005. In reality, both of them are great tools. Nevertheless, we will compare Zoho to Insightly, to help you to make up the decision on which of these CRMs suits you best.


Insightly vs Zoho CRM: Pricing and Editions


Insightly provides you with a free subscription for up to 2 users and 3 paid subscriptions:


  • Plus - $29//user/month/billed annually;
  • Professional - $49/user/month/billed annually;
  • Enterprise - $99/user/month/billed annually.



Zoho presents the free version for up to 10 users and 4 paid plans:


  • Standard - $12/user/month/billed annually;
  • Professional - $20/user/month/billed annually;
  • Enterprise - $35/user/month/billed annually;
  • Ultimate - $100/user/month/billed annually.



Insightly vs Zoho CRM: Features and Flexibility


Insightly offers a full package of powerful features, professional sales, and marketing automation. Flexible report module (customer report, pipeline report, sales report) and contacts customization make this software one of the top CRMs nowadays. One more bright feature of Insightly is its workflow. It provides an opportunity to send emails and reports, make calls, etc. in a fully automated way. Using Insightly social media integration, you are allowed to see your clients’ Twitter line and public Linkedin profile right in your dashboard. Furthermore, with one simple click, you can learn your customers’ social media profiles on Facebook, Google+, etc.


As the phrase goes, every stick has two sides, and Insightly is not an exception. This CRM has narrow report options, and it's rather difficult to make any customization.


With Zoho, you’ll be armed with all features to manage business deals, sales, and orders. In contrast to Insightly, its dashboards and sales reports are very easy to create and use. One more advantage of this system is the customization options; it can be done in a few simple steps. Also, in contrast to Zoho vs Insightly, the first one offers a professional report module. CRM data can be exported in any format you wish (Excel, PDF or CSV, etc.). Moreover, there is an opportunity to create charts to get a more detailed picture of the business line.



To Sum Up


Already drew a conclusion with your future CRM software after reviewing Insightly vs Zoho comparison, and now you’re looking for a way to perform the migration from Insightly to Zoho CRM or vice versa. Trujay automated CRM migration service will perform your transfer with ease.


So, don’t wait up! Start your CRM migration right now, and make a step forward to your business improving.



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