Insightly vs Zoho vs SugarCRM (2018): How to Choose a Right CRM

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Insightly vs Zoho vs SugarCRM (2018): How to Choose a Right CRM

Today’s business world comes along with an abundance of new customer demands and an issue of finding a right CRM to satisfy the business needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple-to-use, or the advanced system with a number of configuration options, Insightly vs Zoho vs SugarCRM comparison will help you make a decision.

Insightly vs Zoho vs SugarCRM: Brief Review

Depending on the size and goals of your business processes, all 3 platforms can enhance your company performance:

Insightly is admired by the small and mid-sized organizations and helps you:

  • use 360° view of your prospects as an insight for the sales calls;
  • create tasks with email reminders and activity sets to reach the project goals;
  • stay up to date with Google or Exchange calendar sync. Meetings from your external calendars can be linked to the related contacts automatically.
  • keep track of emails or calls with the customers. Once you save them to Insightly, link to the matching contacts. Add a note or task after call is completed.
  • integrate with 45 applications like MailСhimp, Google Apps, etc.

Zoho fits the needs of organizations starting from small to large ones and offers you to:

  • zoho reports allow you to pull the information from databases, files, and third-party applications. Create reports with charts, pivot tables, and tabular view components, as well as  build the individualized dashboards;
  • inventory management to achieve the seamless integration between pre-sales and post-sales activities;
  • the document sharing to facilitate the interaction between the employees;
  • task management to work with the projects efficiently;
  • integration choices like Zapier, Constant Contact and others.

SugarCRM is designed for the businesses of all sizes that provides:

  • 4 report options with 5 types of charts that allow you to build, generate, and manage the reports;
  • an opportunity to run the projects effectively by monitoring the sales and marketing processes through a single portal;
  • a possibility to discover the duplicates within entities such as Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Leads, Opportunities, or Bug Tracker. Choose the specific fields for the duplicate criteria, then merge the records;
  • an ability to create, execute, and track marketing campaigns through the multiple channels;
  • integration with 92 applications like Zendesk, MailChimp, and other options.

Insightly, Zoho, and SugarCRM have the compelling features for managing the workflow processes. The main differences between the solutions are the additional tools they offer. Insightly includes a simple, yet practical features like email integration, and project management. Zoho and SugarCRM offer the more advanced tools and customization options. For example:

  • With Insightly’s workflow automation capabilities, you can:
    • convert a lead to the “contact” and sales “opportunity”, once you qualified it in Insightly;
    • automatically assign the tasks to different employees when your potential customer reaches a new stage of the sales cycle (i.e. “Schedule Demo”, “Approve Proposal”).
  • Zoho allows you to set up the “trigger” rules like:
    • alert the manager when a sales opportunity gets at the final stage;
    • automatically send the emails to the customers when a deal is closed, or a meeting is scheduled. Receive follow-up reminders after 2 weeks, 1 month, etc;
  • SugarCRM includes an Activity Management that enables you with:
    • scheduling and assigning calls attached to a specific account;
    • archiving emails and meeting notes to the specific records (contacts, leads, opportunities, and cases);

CRM Migration: Direct Way of Data Import

Now, you are sure that Insightly, Zoho or SugarCRM can suit your company requirements, but still searching for a fast and secure data transition? An automated migration service Trujay will move the information completely hands-off and without copy/pasting. The SaaS includes the following functionality:

  • 100% CRM Uptime. Trujay excludes the business interruptions during migration.
  • Data Mapping. The SaaS includes a possibility of the fields mapping. If you see that some items are not mapped, you can select the available choices. If you have the records on the existing CRM and don’t obtain the appropriate ones on the destination solution, create the custom fields to transfer the entities. In case the existing CRM disallows to access the custom fields, ask for a Service Package to complete a task.
  • Demo Migration. Launch a free Demo Migration to check the service in action. Some items of the selected module may not be imported as the contact or accounts are randomly chosen for the transition have no relations with the records.
  • Deduplication. Analyze and filter your information with Trujay. The Service packages offer you to clean out the copies of data easily.

How to Move CRM data Swiftly?

Complete 4 easy steps to migrate to Insightly, Zoho or SugarCRM:

  1. Fill out the access credentials for your current and future platforms;
  2. Choose the modules you want to migrate and map the fields;
  3. Run a free Demo Migration to check if service functions properly;
  4. Press on Start Full Migration to complete a transfer.

By and large, if you want to reveal new opportunities for your business success, migrate to/from Insightly, Zoho or SugarCRM with Trujay. Besides, lately a number of companies tend to migrate from SugarCRM to Insightly. Don’t hesitate, start a free Demo Migration right away!