Insightly to Zoho Migration: Getting Driver’s Seat [+Video]

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Insightly to Zoho Migration: Getting Driver’s Seat [+Video]

Leading the profitable company is just like driving a car. You need to be focused on your target, track all the changes, acquire special skills and traffic regulation knowledge. In this light, it is obviously that every business requires data centralization, real-time update, and reporting as well as tracking the process of leads and opportunity accomplishment. CRM system offers the combination of innovative marketing and effective sale automation that in tandem presents an ideal option for raising your revenue. However, the question isn’t whether you need CRM software; that’s a given. What solution will suit to your company is the subject of discussion.

There is a broad range of various CRM software for the business of any size. Insightly and Zoho are the platforms from the top of the list. Both customer relationship management systems give a convincing performance and offer a multitude of valuable features and options. Nevertheless, Insightly keeps the simplicity course and excludes add-ons, while Zoho offers a long list of third-party integrations for improving sales and marketing. In making the decision, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that the switch from Insightly to Zoho can profoundly transform the way you work today.

Insightly vs. Zoho: Revving Up

Cost of Abilities

Insightly has gained a dependable reputation for an easy-to-use interface, effective tools, and options. This cloud-based platform comes with affordable price $12 user/month if you are billed annually and $15 user/month if you billed monthly.

Zoho can’t boast with an intuitive interface, but the feature set is quite simple in managing. With the dependable platform and wealth sales and marketing opportunities, this CRM system comes with an affordable price $12 user/month.

Qualities and Advantages

Marketing automation of Insightly provides campaign, newsletter, and email management while sales focused on lead tracking, contact history and customer database. Customization process enables with drag-and-drop option and custom field creation. Insightly presents extended email integration (Gmail, Mailchimp, Outlook, etc.)

Sales and lead management, as well as email automation and powerful reporting, enable Zoho with inventory business strategy. Analytics and data segmentation offers successful planning of targeted offers and customers. Zoho provides flexible customization process and multi-language interface (French, German, Spanish, etc.)

Mobility and Integration

Both CRM systems enable their users with mobile access from any corner of the world. However, only Zoho offers various marketing and sales extensions and add-ons.

Sense of Security

Insightly enables with mail support, self-service portal and FAQ. This platform provides military-grade data encryption and off-site storage. While Zoho offers portal, forum, knowledge base and telephone support. Servers use encryption and applications run in the secure operating system.

Final Instructions

You come up with the conclusion that Zoho is capable of functioning as a Swiss clock, but still hesitating? Don’t delude yourself, the automated and accurate transference isn’t a fairytale. Trujay provides you with a fast, direct CRM data migration from Insightly to Zoho. This online service enables you with getting on the track of flourishing company.

Video-Guide about Insightly to Zoho CRM Migration

Step-by-Step Guidelines of Migration to Zoho

Step 1. Create Your Trujay Account

Go to and sign up.

Step 2. Select Your Source CRM

Point out your Insightly CRM type and provide your API key. To find it, log in your admin account, go to ‘Home’ page, then to ‘User Settings’ - there you’ll see your Insightly API key.

Step 3. Specify Zoho Details

Provide your Zoho details: email and password.

Step 4. Choose Migration Options

Select the modules you want to migrate to Zoho. You can move all or only specified modules. Launch the Demo migration. During this process, Trujay will migrate up to 10 items of chosen modules for you to evaluate the service in work.

Step 5. Complete your Insightly to Zoho Migration

If the results of the demo migration delight you, then you may start your Full Migration.

Being doubtful, you stand on the wrong side of tracks. Don’t let your competitors drive you out of business, start your Insightly to Zoho migration right now! Take every advantage of CRM tools for the overwhelming success of your business.

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