Instructive Suggestions for Taking Over CRM Failures [Infographic]

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Instructive Suggestions for Taking Over CRM Failures [Infographic]

Businesses have already seized the benefits of a company running with CRM systems, and many vendors consider CRM implementation as a universal remedy for the customer relationships improvement. However, the adoption of new functionality without aligning to the business strategy will have rather a negative effect on the company performance.

Fighting Off the Challenge of CRM Failures

Regardless of the expectation of CRM growth, the statistic shows numbers far from encouraging. Nearly, 12% of CRM rolling out projects collapse while 46% companies cite the successful adoption. Moreover, only 46% out of accomplished CRM implementations receive the ROI of CRM. This process is a risky but vital initiative for business growth. CRM failures are costly, embarrassing and business disruptive. Apart from money and customer losses, it brings a company setback and limits the market.These mistakes have a dramatic impact on such business areas as

  • financial performance with high expenses and low options for getting ROI of CRM implementation
  • service quality become lower, customers are frustrated, and brand loses its reputation
  • sales productivity is getting low, and sales reps neglect the new solution
  • impact on the teamwork ineffective and discouraged as long as company has no income, some employees lost their jobs

Emphasizing Leading Risks

Roughly speaking, there are 5 major aspects shared between SMBs and large enterprises that cause CRM failures.

  1. Lack of clear and achievable objectives, as well as no strategy and CRM aligning. The initiative is focused on internal processes facilitation instead of improving customer relationships.
  2. Senior management takes no part in planning, accomplishing of the CRM rolling out. Or reverse situation, executives chose the CRM solution without taking into account employees who will use the platform.
  3. Setting up unachievable goals and no alignment of functionality and business processes.
  4. A range of implementation missteps in data arrangement, absence of staff trainings and CRM overcustomization.
  5. Inadequate after-implementation system setting up, lack or over intergration with third-party add-ons, inability to create suitable workflow patterns.

The following infographic will show you 10 concrete CRM failures and provide solutions or practical tips for overcoming these CRM rolling out blunders.

crm-failures-make-your-crm-initiate-work-min (1)

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