Keep Calm and Use for Small Business

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Keep Calm and Use for Small Business

Many consider CRM (customer relationship management) platform is a solution solely for mid-size companies or large enterprises. Also, a lot of vendors cite a reason of high price and efforts needed for its implementation. But on the other hand, even a small business requires a diligent and accurate strategy for building bridges with customers, creating accomplished marketing campaigns, proving top notch support, etc. However, while surfing the web in search for a favorable CRM, more likely you’ll stumble upon that turns to be #1 CRM for small business.

“The biggest mistake a small business can make is to think like a small business.”  Before making a final decision whether to implement or not, this statement highlights the essence of the issue in fine fashion. (Salesforce - a CRM with significant users community and reliable reputation all over the globe). This platform was launched in 1999. It is cloud CRM that is privileged to be an ancestor of web-based business management instrument. So, basically, there are 4 Salesforce features that will gain you over to a cause.

Top 4 Features of for Small Business

#1 Salesforce Dashboard includes a feature-rich, customizable dashboard with professional diagrams and graphs that provides the sales team with real-time reports. Intuitive dashboard makes it simple to analyze the revenue increase/decrease, see the whole picture of customer engagement, and consequently plan further strategic plan of building bridges. Apart from this, you'll be able to monitor key opportunities, pipeline views, quotes, leaderboards, etc. Moreover, users can update tasks status, follow workflows of other team members, share different links and files like contacts, proposals or presentations on-live.

#2 Manage Your Contacts And Leads Like a Pro

With, you will get a comprehensive view of each client; it helps you to provide excellent service and support. Using this software, you will be able to organize contacts and track interactions effortlessly. Since contact comes into the system, all active history will be tracked and captured in one place.

#3 Pipeline Overview software provides its users with the at-a-glance look at the sales pipeline in different stages, account data, and financials. With the thought of better management, this option categorizes each client into equal stage (like prospecting, qualification, wishes, analytics, value proposition, review, etc.) Furthermore, Searching for a suitable CRM solution for your business?pipeline provides essential information for successful business planning (expected revenue, closing dates, etc.).

#4 Rock-n-Roll Your Sales with SM Integrations provides its users with social media integrations. It enables higher view and forecasting of targeted offers and clients. This option allows keeping your sales team informed about your customer's needs and wishes, using their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin social media pages. One more bright option of Salesforce is Chatter. It keeps all companies departments (marketing, developers, sales, support, etc.) and also clients in the loop on assignments. This technology gives the opportunity for salespeople to connect, personalize and turn leads into future customers with ease.

Final Words

As we may see, you can't go wrong choosing for small business. And it’s not for nothing, as this customer relationship management system provides with the wide range of favorable features. In case, you already use CRM system for your customer relationship management, but now you are wondering about migration to Salesforce, don't wait up, create your Trujay account and migrate to Salesforce in a fully automated way.

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