Loss And Gain of Open-Source CRM

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Loss And Gain of Open-Source CRM

For an average CRM user open source application means not much, but for an expert or implementor, this is pretty impressive fact. Open-source customer relationship management platform is considered to be the alternative solution for companies with the in-demand concerns. On its own CRM software counts various built-in features that suit basic requirements of every business, but the question is whether it’s enough to follow written standards? Contrary to this open source CRM may provide its users with the multiple options to make it more flexible, customizable, and unique.

If you tear apart between open and closed source CRM, we prepare a few compelling arguments to converge to former one.

Prime Engine of Open-Source CRM

Chargeless or Low-Cost

If compare an open-source CRM to closed systems, the first one comes at a cheaper price. It should be pointed out that the basic part of the code is absolutely for free.

Customizability. Extensibility. Flexibility

Unfortunately, it’s rather complicated to find a CRM platform that will fit your business needs completely. You will find it difficult to make it work correctly within all departments and individuals. And in this case, open source CRM turns to be the optimal solution. Changing its code allows meeting the demands of team members and peculiarities of your selling model. All in all, you take control of CRM flexibility.

No Obligations

Typically, when you buy a CRM software with closed source code, the license and agreement to usage take a few months to a couple of years. For that time, it’s possible to see all disadvantages of CRM that you choose, destroy smooth business processes and, as a result, lose leads and customers. With the open-source platform, there is no place for any commitments. You’re allowed to use it as long as you need, and cease it anytime you wish.

One more should be mentioned, that with an open-source platform you are free to tweak the code for your purposes, to write it by yourself. So there’s not need to “reinvent the wheel”. Moreover, such CRMs take rich-full investments from all over the globe.

Achilles' heel in Open-Source CRM

Speaking about disadvantages of open source customer relationship management software, it should be pointed out the following.

Poor Support

In case you wish to use an open-source CRM, you should know that almost all your support is going to come from various forums. In this way, the response might be not so quick, accurate, and proper. One more should be mentioned, by the fact that it’s community support, there is no one central place for open source support location.

Lack Functionality

If you’re looking for all-in-one CRM solution, open-source may not be the best. With no doubt, you need the software that works and fills the majority of your business’ requirements without additional improving and fixing. However, open-source CRM couldn't provide your 100% guarantee for deficiency bags.

Finer-Grained Conclusion that Deserve Attention

The main reason to take an open-source CRM is the possibility to customize source code and features with the aim to meet specific company needs. In case, you think that this software will be a good option for you, then you should look closer at such platforms like SuiteCRM or Vtiger, as they are totally open-source.

P.S. Wish to migrate your business data to an open-source platform? Trujay automated web-based service that has been developed to cope with the task like CRM data migration between various platforms. Just, create your account, set up a free Demo, and within a few minutes, you’ll be able to evaluate the result.

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