Low Cost CRM Software: How to Avoid Overpaying

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Low Cost CRM Software: How to Avoid Overpaying

CRM technologies are trendy and useful nowadays, so its application is one of the keys to your business success. The company owners recognize this fact, so they use the solutions for their organization's management. However, many platforms may be expensive, and this is a significant drawback. That is why we propose to pay attention to low cost CRM software as an alternative way out.

Free CRM Solutions: What to Choose?

Primarily, it is recommended to take a look at the review of gratis CRM versions. So, there are two varieties of the systems: free (freemium) and open source solutions.

The obvious benefit of above-mentioned platforms is the total payment-free using. However, one should notice its cons:

  • free versions have certain limitations on functionality, a number of contacts, additional features, etc. In case you do want to get more features, you can take one of the paid versions. That is, it's shareware solutions;
  • open source offers the use of full-featured CRM that sounds just great at first glance. However, it is recommended to be aware that your company needs a specially trained person (or team) to set up the platform and use it. Although, thanks to this feature, you can fine-tune your CRM according to the specifics of your company. As a matter of fact, most open source CRM providers offer to pay and receive a pre-configured version and/or installation support.

But, in reality, are these fabulous free and low cost CRM software? What are they different and where to find ones? The good new is that there are such platforms for managing customer relationships!

Let’s take a look at the list of free software that is relevant for small and medium business management. For greater convenience, CRMs arranged in a table in a default order.

free crm

For more information on the above-mentioned free and low cost crm software, read the brief description below. Also, you can visit Trujay for more information about the chosen solution.

  • Zoho CRM
    was launched in 2005 in India, but now it's headquater is in the United States. The advantage of the system is the ability to give companies the opportunity to close the deals quickly, more intelligently and better as well. Also, it allows you to manage the full cycle of sales: you can make changes and adjustments to the process at any stage, from the previous order and up to the final accounting activity.

    However, Zoho has some cons: it is less functional than other CRMs in this list. Also, it has some whims that should be taken into account when you provide the data import. As for the price of Zoho, the following CRM packages are available: a free version and paid ones starting from $12/user/month (billed annually).
  • Capsule
    CRM was launched by Zestia in 2009 in the UK as the solution with many features and a simple interface. Also, it can help you to develop relationships with the customers, receive current reports or increase sales in a better way.

    The downside of the platform is that the Capsule support service is not around the clock: if you need a non-working time consultation, then you will have to wait.
    With regard to spending, the system offers a free plan for 2 users or a professional edition with the advanced features for $12/user/month.
  • HubSpot CRM
    was developed in Massachusetts, USA, in 2006. Its key difference is truly great data capture and high integration. Also, HubSpot CRM is very lightweight and is a perfect solution for the first CRM meeting. So, above-mentioned facts make it the market leader for the small and medium-sized companies.

    By the way, it is really an entirely free-of-pay platform.
    However, the version functional is very limited, so you can buy the appropriate extensions to improve marketing and sales. Thus HubSpot CRM can be attributed not only to gratis but also to low cost CRM software.
  • Insightly
    was launched in 2009 in San Francisco, USA, as a flexible yet powerful CRM platform for small business. Using the platform allows you to keep track of your customer's account data and the activity throughout the entire purchase process. This way, you can get the opportunity to analyze the demand for your services and provide relevant suggestions.

    However, Insightly is not well suitable for more prominent businesses, because its functionality is not capable of handling its requests.
    As for the price matter, Insightly proposes a free version, plus three pay plans starting at $29/user/month (billed annually).
  • Suite CRM
    was released in 2013 as an open source solution and an alternative source for SugarCRM. Also, the platform provides users with information to solve essential business tasks and make the decisions, make follow-ups and strategy planning. By the way, the primary goal of the system is to improve sales, customer engagement, and innovations in your organization's processes.

    Since SuiteCRM is a free open source platform, you can reduce the costs associated with the CRM. However, if you want to receive additional support, it will cost.
  • Bitrix24
    was launched in 2012 by Bitrix, Inc., with headquarters in the USA. It is a good solution for small businesses. Using the platform can provide you with the opportunity to share information with a team, collaborate with your prospects and customers, create different reports, etc. Besides, the system is profitable in the cloud and on local servers.

    Bitrix24 allows you to use a free plan or one of three paid ones, starting at $39/user/month.
  • vTiger CRM
    was provided in 2008 as an open source system, based on SugarCRM. As well as the advantage of the solution is allowing the user to obtain a wide range of functions such as inventory tracking, billing, project management.

    But, a significant omission is that all of them are paid, moreover, they are a little expensive. Also, the solution price matter has some peculiarity: vTiger offers to install a paid custom version of $30/user/month and use a free plan only after that. Besides, an extra support of the platform also costs.

Great solutions, is not it? However, it is worth paying attention to another CRM. Although, they are not free, but have many advantages at a low price.

CRM Low cost

Top CRM by Loyal Price Matter

What about paid but low cost CRM software? Which of systems have truly open pricing, without hidden overpayment?

Here is a list of trendy solutions among small business owners, with much positive feedback from users, and brief information about each one. Please note that the platforms are arranged in a random order.

Highrise - proud to be in the list of low cost CRM software.

Highrise was developed in 2007 in Chicago, the USA as a system for all-sized companies. Due to the simple interface, you can get the ability to start a platform workflow immediately, without prior training. This feature is very appealing to the newly created user of the CRM. Also, the software allows you to track the actions of your prospects and customers, thus improve sales and optimize business processes according to your plan.

Regarding the payment, the Highrise prices are very flexible and propose the following plans: a free trial for 30 days and three editions starting from $12/user/month.

Pipedrive - sales people love it.

Pipedrive was developed in the New York in 2010 by sales teams and web developers as friendly for both small and medium-sized companies. As well, its primary purpose is the ability to provide an in-depth maximally detailed review of your sales to analyze and identify the priority areas of development. By the way, the advantage of the system is its multilingualism and ability to work with major currencies. Also, the Pipedrive primary focus is on your deals, so after closing the system offers several options to continue ones. So, a platform can help you to increase the number of transactions not only due to increased customer base but through sales growth. That's how this is a great way out for real estate companies.

Regarding prices, Pipedrive has a free trial and various fees from $10/user/month. Thus the solution can be recognized as a low cost CRM software.

Base CRM - last but not least CRM among Low Cost CRM software.

Base CRM was launched in 2009 in the USA. The solution can help to improve the efficiency of your team and obtain sales tools for your business development, improve company's relationship with your customers, organize all emails, call records, and notes for your clients and partners. You can also control all sales levels and adjust the team according to the results. The Base CRM offers using a variety of mobile applications so that you can sell and track business performance 24/7.

The pricing scheme is flexible: a free trial of 14 days and paid plans of $25/user/month.

The Final Slice

Indeed, choosing the CRM system that suits the best for your business is your responsibility. So, we hope this review of free and low cost CRM software can help you to make the right choice. Take advantage of Trujay and initiate the Demo Migration to transfer a certain part of your information (including associated links between your data modules) on the desired CRM, and check up the way it will look. In case you want to see the above-mentioned solutions in action, stop wasting your time and run a free Demo Migration.

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