Maximizer CRM Review: Take your Business to the Next Level (2018)

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Maximizer CRM Review: Take your Business to the Next Level (2018)

Choosing a suitable CRM system can be a tough thing. With so many competing options, it is critical to evaluate each solution carefully before picking up any particular platform. You need to choose depending on the features you want to have and price you wish to pay. In case the endless list drives you at a loss, check out Maximizer CRM review and explore a wide range of efficient capabilities for your organization growth.  

Maximizer CRM is available on the market for more than 25 years now. More than 1 million users have trusted this solution to plan and grow their business since 1987. Besides, the platform was awarded as ‘Expert’s Choice of 2015’ and ‘Great User’s Experience of 2017’ by FinancesOnline. So, let’s take a deeper look at the reasons that make thousands of people choose Maximizer CRM for their companies.


Maximizer CRM Review

It is a simple, accessible and adaptable CRM platform that provides a convenient lead management solution with quick access to the history of customers.

Customer information can be shared across sales, marketing and customer service, helping you to improve productivity and efficiency.

Maximizer CRM is quick and simple to unfold, learn, maintain and use, and integrates with popular business apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office, and accounting software. The database resides in-house that gives you more control over the data, and makes it secure and easily accessible.

It was created to help small businesses and mid-market work efficiently and raise companies on a higher level.

So, here are the main features of Maximizer CRM that make it a great solution to choose.


Take sales to the next level with Maximize CRM. Manage accounts, route leads effectively, collaborate on sales opportunities, and get visibility into your sales pipeline and revenue. You can match the Maximizer’s pipeline stages to your processes to drive consistency and productivity across sales, build different pipelines for different customers, and use as many pipeline stages as you need. The solution provides intuitive sales reports, so you can personalize the way you consume sales information. It is possible to perform weighted and unweighted forecasts, and anticipate revenues based on team, territory, or channel.


As the client base grows, it may become harder to run marketing campaigns and maintain regular customer contact with limited resources. Maximizer has a marketing automation functionality that makes it easy to stay in constant contact and uncover more opportunities. Whether you want to send a promotion to a precisely targeted list or automate a multi-phase campaign, Maximizer can do it all. You can align your contacts and get visibility into your marketing campaign statistics, including successful deliveries, opens, clicks and bounces.


Maximizer empowers your support and service teams with everything they need to effectively track, manage and resolve issues, including technical support, billing and returns. You can create and maintain a case with instant notifications, synchronize the CRM system with Outlook and Gmail to track all your contacts and email communications inside one application. Email templates are available to save your time for simple announcements or campaigns.


Talking about support, Maximizer CRM offers unlimited live support by email and phone, and free online training. On its website, you can find videos, webinars, forums, documentation, etc. to learn more about the solution and how it works.

Other features that worth paying attention to:

    • Access options: the Web and mobile devices
    • Microsoft Office integration – Outlook and Word
    • Account and contact management
    • Task management and automation
    • Time management
    • Business Intelligence
    • Create and manage quotes and orders
    • Create powerful quota-based dashboard indicators
    • Email marketing
    • Import lead lists from virtually any file format
    • Mobile access
    • Sales force automation
    • Customer service management
    • Sales forecasting
    • Track status of quotes and orders



Maximizer CRM is supported by:

    • Windows
    • Android
    • iPhone/iPad
    • Mac
    • Web-based



Maximizer CRM offers two pricing packagings:

  1. Maximizer CRM - $60/user/month (billed annually)
  • all sales, marketing, and customer service modules
  • unlimited custom fields
  • Outlook, Word, and Excel integration
  • pre-build and customizable dashboards&reports
  • can be deployed on your servers or its own cloud


  1. Financial advisors - $65/user/month (billed annually)
    • all sales, marketing, and customer service modules
    • unlimited custom fields
    • Outlook, Word, and Excel integration
    • pre-build and customizable dashboards&reports
    • can be deployed on your servers or its own cloud
    • investment account and insurance policy management
    • hundreds of industry-specific fields, including KYC
    • consolidated household views
    • standard business processes and workflows



Trujay Service for a Smooth Maximizer Data Migration

Trujay is a solution for data migration. Our technical pros can easily create specific fields and modules mapping in accordance to your requirements, as well as accomplish other custom CRM migration tasks. The system’s prime task is to optimize and facilitate the data transfer between different CRM platforms. Besides, Trujay can help you to provide data migration from files and other platforms into the chosen solution.

The service use can help you to avoid the high time waste and human mistakes during the migration.

Take advantage of the Trujay beneficial features:

    • security regulations that exclude the possibility of any data loss;
    • 100% uptime of both CRMs and no interruptions of the business processes;
    • opportunity of fields and users mapping in accordance to the company requirements;
    • a Custom Demo Migration that allows to see how your data will look in Maximizer CRM.


Take a look at what Trujay clients say about the service.




To Sum Up

Making Maximizer CRM overview, it is worth saying that it is indisputably one of the most famous and influential CRM systems. It provides users with all the necessary features for successful company management.

Feeling inspired to start with Maximizer CRM? Don’t wait up and take your business to the next level!

Move your current CRM data directly to Maximizer using Custom Migration and Trujay technicians will map the fields regarding to your requirements.

See how your data will look in Maximizer CRM by running a Custom Demo Migration, for that contact our experts to find out the details.

Make a step forward to your business prosperity right away!

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