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Microsoft CRM Data Migration Tool

Data migration becomes a primary task for the private entrepreneurs and companies that decided to change the current CRM. It can be a puzzling issue, since manual data entry may take a lot of time and effort. So, it is suggested to find some way to connect two systems. To that, your decision may be to allow professionals to perform this assignment instead of you, and automatic data migration can be a good solution. Therefore, it is proposed to pay attention to the MS Dynamics CRM overview, and the Microsoft CRM Data Migration Tool benefits from Trujay service.

Discover Microsoft Dynamics CRM Primary Points

microsoft crm data migration tool

MS Dynamics Brief Overview

It is a great solution to satisfy the freelancers, small/mid-size business, and enterprises requests and can be reached in the cloud, on-premises, or hosted by the partner's servers. Also, the solution allows its users to change the deployment type.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM use allows you to find potential customers and track the existing ones, automate tasks, manage operations and sales, use cloud corporate business applications.

The primary platform task is to ensure uninterrupted business tasks solve, regardless of the company growth and expansion. To this point, the solution offers the wide range of applications to perform various assignments (from improved sales and customer service till to finance and other operations).

MS Dynamics CRM is supported by IOS, Android and Windows Phone. Its essential feature is offline availability. Simply put, users can work offline, but the data will be synchronized automatically after the Internet connection restored.

Also, the solution has an excellent integration with other Microsoft software, which reduces the number of double entries and saves time. As for the cooperation possibilities, the users can interact each other using Yammer. It allows to add colleagues to projects and meetings quickly and view work on documents in real time.

The solution is widely used all over the world (e. g., in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa, United Kingdom, United States).

Price matter

  • Dynamics 365 Plan - from $210 user/month - all applications use.
  • Unified Operations Plan - from $190 user/month - applications use that help to connect and manage the business operations.
  • Customer Engagement Plan - $115 user/month - applications use to build and approve customer relationship.

  • Full User - from $40 per user/month - full access to application functionality.
  • Team Members - from $5 per user/month - execute necessary processes and light tasks.

  • Additional applications and offers use - $40 - $170 user/month

Integration Possibilities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can integrate with 227 software (e. g., Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, MailChimp, SharePoint, Skype, Constant Contact, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Sales Navigator, etc.).


Microsoft Dynamics CRM users get access to the following support options: Online Support, Forum, Phone Support, Knowledge Base.

Also, the system users are supported with the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

microsoft crm data migration tool

3 Solutions for Microsoft CRM Data Migration: Choose Your Own Way

It is worth to note once more the fact that data migration can be a daunting task and take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, pay attention to the several options for this problem solve.

  1. Conduct migration independently.
  2. A lot of videos about Microsoft CRM data migration are presented on the Microsoft Dynamics portal.
    However, it should be mentioned some aspects of such a choice.

    Pros - the cost of such solution is cheap or free at all. You will make all data import by yourself and will know all the current info about it. This can be important regarding doing business.

    Cons - the learning curve may require a lot of time and can make the import process even more labor-consuming.

  3. Start with a zero point (from a clean database)
  4. This decision is appropriate while starting using a CRM and can be suitable if data import does not relate to data migration in general. In this case, you start to fill the database with a small amount of information.

    Pros - Microsoft Dynamics migration proceeds directly through the system use. Thus, it is possible to enter only valuable and relevant info. Also, it can guarantee you the correct input of the data, its internal relations, quality, and value. However, it is possible only in case if the previous CRM setting is right.

    Cons - if you are running business for a while now, it has a set of the necessary data. By the way, there can be a lot of them. Therefore, a manual move of a massive data array takes a lot of time. Thus, for some companies, this solution will simply not work.

  5. Use automatic MS CRM data migration tool
  6. This is a great solution if you need to migrate data as quickly as possible. But, the company’s team can not provide this complicated and time-consuming task.

    Pros - the Microsoft Dynamics migration will be completed fast and efficient. As usual, that will not delay the business process and can help you to save time.

    Cons - the only drawback of its decision may be the data migration cost.

microsoft crm data migration tool

Trujay Service for a Smooth Microsoft CRM Data Migration

Trujay is a solution for an automatic data migration. Its prime task is to optimize and facilitate the data transfer between different CRM platforms. Besides, Trujay can help you to provide data migration from files and other platforms into the chosen solution.

The service use can help you to avoid the high time waste and human mistakes during the migration.

The Trujay team can migrate your data quickly, smoothly and securely. Also, its no doubt advantage is the ability to transfer data without your business operations delay.

All the user has to do is select its current CRM from the drop-down list and fill out the platform’s access credentials. The following step is to choose the desired soft (e. g. Microsoft Dynamics) and enter its data log. After that, click the “Start Free Demo” button.

Thus, with the help of Microsoft CRM data migration tool from Trujay, your info switch from the current CRM to the desired one will be an effortless step.

To Sum Up

Microsoft Dynamics migration can become an issue which has to be solved. As well, you can choose any way to get it to the bottom. But, it is wise to use Microsoft CRM data migration tool and avoid spending precious time and effort for the manual data import. So, run a free Demo Migration and check out the benefits of automated service Trujay in action.

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