Microsoft Dynamics CRM Alternatives: Most Asked-About Options to Consider

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Alternatives: Most Asked-About Options to Consider

It’s difficult to imagine that CRM platform actually started helping the various organizations since the 1980s. Over time, the primary idea behind the solution stayed the same: it is all about building and managing the successful relationships with customers.

Yet CRM market continues to expand into the solution with client engagement, personal support, sales and marketing automation capabilities, etc. Consequently, the older platforms like Microsoft Dynamics face the variety of issues starting from outdated and complicated interface to lack of the advanced functionality. In this case, a number of companies tend to look for Microsoft Dynamics CRM alternatives and move to the desired solution.

Why to Search for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Alternative?

No matter how much a CRM vendor hypes up the platform, nothing the company releases can be absolutely perfect. As a result, you can experience some limitations, drawbacks or implementation challenges. Talking about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you may be best advised to consider the alternative when:

  • looking for the industry-specific platform;

  • seeking for a platform with more efficient social CRM capabilities;

  • in need of workflow routing and approval system. The notifications of the business processes can send email alerts, but multiple person routing with approval processing remains a big issue for many organizations

  • searching for more effective lead management. Microsoft Dynamics CRM lacks round robin lead distribution functionality. Besides, a rigid Lead to Account conversion process doesn't allow simple features like optionally determining whether to create an opportunity.

So, if you lack some of the above-mentioned features and want to move to the more advanced platform, it is time to go through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM alternatives and find the dream one. Let’s explore a list of CRM systems, learn their capabilities and discover the main steps of moving from the current solution to new one.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Alternatives: Investigate Your Best Choice

Concerning the new CRM, there is a wide row of the platforms presented on the market nowadays. So, finding the right CRM to satisfy the business demands can become a challenging task. Consider the following platforms and simplify the decision-making process:

  1. SugarCRM is designed for the organizations ranging from the small companies to corporations needing enterprise level support. Even though the platform includes the basic features found in the majority of CRM systems, SugarCRM also stands out for call center automation, sales forecasting and contextual intelligence from internal and external sources. The solution integrates with 124 applications like Zapier, Xero, Zendesk.

  2. Infusionsoft attracts the businesses with 25 or fewer employees. Being the smaller company, you can easily indicate when the potential customers interact with the brand to source leads and score them. The platform includes 101 integration options like Freshdesk, TAM, Klipfolio.

  3. Insightly includes a robust set of capabilities that let the small and mid-sized businesses perform the various activities from creating email templates, mass mailings to specifying roles for employee contacts. Insightly offers the events calendar, granular control over projects and mobile access. The platform comprises 69 integration options such as GSuite, Workato, and QuickBooks.

  4. Bitrix24 satisfies the organizations of small companies with the help of the efficient features like task management, document sharing, customizable reports, and analytic tools, etc. You can take advantage of the social capabilities like the comments and linking, as well as the automation tools like notifications and subscriptions to groups. Bitrix24 obtains 19 third-party add-ons such as MailChimp, Basecamp, SharpSpring.

  5. Pipedrive helps the small and medium sales teams manage the company processes. The platform offers the efficient reporting tools and provides you with an opportunity to segment data by various criteria. The pipeline management enables your sales cycle to flow through a number of stages with the help of follow-ups and to-do lists. Pipedrive contains integrates with 117 apps like Slack, Wrike, PandaDoc, etc.

By and large, all 5 Microsoft Dynamics CRM alternatives take upper hand regarding the robust functionality, other platforms are popular options for their simplicity. So, analyze your business objectives, and select the CRM platform that fits your company size and budget. When you make the final decision and ready to move to the desired solution, an automated migration service Trujay can help you perform a task with the help of the next advantages:

  • security measures as the SaaS treats the records privately;
  • total uptime of the current and destination solutions during CRM migration;
  • detailed data mapping to satisfy the organization specific demands;
  • free Demo Migration to test the automated tool in action.

After the migration tool has been chosen, prepare your database by cleaning out the copies of data, inform your team about the switch and perform the next activities:

  • fill out the access details for the existing and future systems;
  • pick the entities you want to transfer, as well as map the modules;
  • launch a free Demo Migration to check the functionality of the new platform;
  • run the Full Migration to complete the data import.

Last Words

Thus, are you struggling with the existing solution that no longer meets the needs of your organization? It’s definitely time to investigate the above-mentioned Microsoft Dynamics CRM alternatives and select the suitable one to enhance the business processes. So, choose you dream platform and move the records with Trujay fast and securely.

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