Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features: Enlarge Business Process and Client Satisfaction

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features: Enlarge Business Process and Client Satisfaction


For decades, the enterprises and mid-sized companies have relied on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enhance the customer experience and manage the business processes. Being the robust and efficient solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM features help you drive the consistent and measurable improvements to meet your sales, marketing, and client service requirements.

One of the primary benefits of implementing and using the platform is that it facilitates online and offline access to customer data through a wide range of the powerful capabilities. So, let’s look closer at the Microsoft Dynamics CRM features list, and learn how your organization and team can win from the platform.

Top 5 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Benefits

Since Microsoft constantly improves the Microsoft Dynamics CRM features to make the software more user-friendly, you can easily customize the areas specific to your business demands without being an IT pro. Hence, consider the following Microsoft Dynamics capabilities:

1. Cloud & On-Premise Hosting Choice

In general, there are 2 deployment options of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM: online and on-premise. The first one is great cloud-based hosting software that enables you to remotely access and edit files in real-time, as well as includes a fixed monthly cost without requiring any infrastructure, and enhanced security protection. This excludes a need to buy a hardware and manages your platform's updates automatically.

On the contrary, the on-premise version requires you to set up the applications and servers within your own environment. It helps to get the total control over your information. Also, you can take advantage of the another hosting choice, Partner Hosted, that is a CRM On-Premises running on a Microsoft partner’s server.

2. Integration with Microsoft Products

The platform seamlessly integrates with the main Microsoft products like Outlook, Office 365, SharePoint, etc. Besides, the solution includes other integration options like:

  • Adobe Document Cloud facilitates digital signatures;
  • ProntoForms provides with the offline mobile access;
  • Xero or Sage enables a single view of the client information.

3. Sales and Marketing

The simple to use interface and feature-rich modules of the solution for sales, marketing, and customer experience lets your employees access CRM anytime and anywhere. The sales force automation helps shorten the sales cycle, improve the team performance, as well as understand your potential customers in a better way. Moreover, the marketing automation capabilities simplify creating a list of your leads and prospects, building the marketing campaigns for the target clients, measuring the results, etc.

4. Community

The solution obtains an active application marketplace that enables your CRM into something that aptly fits your company demands. It includes more than 5 million active users and Microsoft Gold Partners that provide strong community support like latest information on system updates, troubleshooting, dedicated Dynamics CRM services and more.

5. Customer Service

It is well-known that efficient client experience is at the forefront of a CRM’s core functionality. So, Microsoft Dynamics CRM breaks down the internal information silos quickly. The platform records the interactions with existing and new clients and logs responses and issues in a centralized location. As a result, your customer service employees can keep up with accounts and respond fast with the best solution to meet the prospects’ needs.

By and large, apart from MS Dynamics CRM features mentioned above, the platform is constantly evolving with the new capabilities to boost the collaboration within the company through integrations with popular communication and ERP software. So, if you’ve got interested in the solution and want to move your records from CSV files or the current system, consider an automated migration service Trujay. The SaaS helps you transfer the information without any programming or copy/pasting and includes the following advantages:

  • guaranteed security of the records and an opportunity to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA);
  • fields and users mapping to satisfy the business requirements;
  • free Demo Migration to explore how the service works;
  • no interruptions of the company processes during the import;
  • Migration Insurance in case you want to make any changes.

Now, when your desired CRM and migration tool are chosen, you can perform the switch in the several steps effortlessly:

  1. Register Trujay account and sign in.

2. Specify the access credentials of the current solution.

After that, provide the Microsoft dynamics details: URL, email, and password.

3. Choose the modules you want to trasit, map the fields and users, as well as run the free Demo Migration to see the service in action.

4. Satisfied with test migration outcomes? So, you can launch the Microsoft Dynamics CRM switch.

Final Thoughts

Being the powerful platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables you to easily manage the customer relationships and related data. The solution not only helps the sales reps to be more productive but also gain the valuable insights into clients’ relationships across various business units. Hence, take the tips listed above into consideration, move your data into Microsoft Dynamics with Trujay smoothly, and bring your business success to the next level.


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