Migrate Insightly to Vtiger Effortlessly: Score the Business Triumph [Tutorial]

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Migrate Insightly to Vtiger Effortlessly: Score the Business Triumph [Tutorial]

The reasons people give to avoid exercise are firstly, time, secondly, lack of confidence it physical ability and then a mixed embarrassment about body size, lack of results and boredom. Something equal happens with your business when you use ancient approaches and tools. At first, you spend lots of time for managing all the data, then comes the diffidence in the marketing usability, and in the end the bitter disappointment in your sales team and a loss of revenue. Obviously, it is a doomsday scenario for any company. Only CRM software can amend your business and bring it to a higher scale in your business area.

If you get lost in the ocean of various CRMs, Insightly and Vtiger are the systems that provide the feature-rich sets and can satisfy the demands of any business, despite the company size. Insightly offers innovative marketing and sales opportunities for a moderate price ($7 user/month - year billing and $9 user/month - month billing). Vtiger enables with prolific campaigns and bringing new leads for a reasonable cost ($12 user/month). Insightly provides only mail integrations, while Vtiger offers some various improving extensions. In case you are looking for practical and efficient CRM software, the migration from Insightly to Vtiger may be an option. The following review of these systems will help you to make the final choice.

Insightly vs. Vtiger: Keep Healthy Pace

Data Management

Insightly provides organization and automation of the whole company’s data. The displaying of address-books, task list, opportunity, lead and emails on the one dashboard simplifies the access and constant updating process. Besides, all these items can be viewed separately.

Vtiger enables with comprehensive contact and lead views. Administration ability offers to create access to the certain types of data. Due to document management, company’s departments can exchange and share various information and improve its real-time updating.

Marketing Strategy

Lead management and email marketing are the principal areas of Insightly sales planning. The contact database and history make the planning of projects, scheduled email and newsletter campaigns more productive. Social media and reporting are the basis for the analytics and future improvement of offers and targeted audience.

Vtiger provides campaign and lead management. This CRM system uses the account and contact data for creating extended lists of products and services. These records include offers that tend to be popular and required by targeted clients. Mass mailing depends on the process of campaign tracking which arranges the most suitable time for sending out new offers. Reports concerning the leads, opportunities and deals status, as well as the individual and teams results, provide the information for the development of the sales planning.

Keep Changes On Pulse

Insightly provides the option of easy administration abilities that offer to add and monitor the users, their segmentation into teams and creation of access to certain information. The customization process allows creating various pipelines and additional fields. Besides the optimization, the workflow defines the tasks assignment within the organization and departments and monitors their accomplishment.

Campaign tracking and arrangement of sold items are Vtiger’s tools that provide an easy, but sharp control of the changes. Inventory management offers the generation of the tasks and opportunities with the following assigning to a team or a certain worker. Automate repetitive task is a workflow option which enables with the triggering of updating, sending emails, creating a report or capturing a lead.

Extra Skills

The integration abilities provide a considerable improvement in sales and organizational spheres. Insightly enables with email integration (Gmail, Mailchimp, Outlook, etc.), social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) and add-ons for workflow advancement (Google Apps, Import2, PandaDoc, Torpio, etc.) This solution allows the mobile access from any corner of the world. The level of customer support performs the leading part in successful sales practice. Insightly offers self-service portal and call center management.

Except integration with email (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbirds, Mailchimp, etc.), Vtiger offers extensions for requesting and receiving payments (Paypal, Autorize.net, etc.), contacts and notes synchronization (Asterisk, Plivo, Twilio, etc.) and document designing. Moreover, this platform supplies its users with mobile applications. Vtiger has a customer-oriented policy, so support case management, self-service portal and ability to create FAQ can solve clients’ issues.

Explicit Guideline

You have found Vtiger as a wise and productive choice for your company, but still doubting about the migration process? Trujay, an automated migration service, offers a beneficial option - fast, accurate and Insightly to Vtiger data transfer. Just in few hours, you will be a fortunate user of your new Vtiger CRM system.

How to Migrate Insightly to Vtiger in 6 Steps [+Video]

Step 1. Register Your Trujay Account

Go to app.trujay.com and sign up.


Step 2. Choose Your Current CRM

Select Insightly from the drop-down list and provide your API key. To find it, sign in your Insightly account, go to ‘Home’ page, then to ‘User Settings’ - there you’ll find your API key. Then just copy and paste it into the migration wizard.

Step 3. Specify Your Vtiger Details

Provide your Vtiger details: URL, type in your login and API Key. To find it, log in your Vtiger account, then go to “My Preferences’’. Within the field, you’ll find the API key.

Step 4. Select Migration Options

Choose the modules (accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities and leads) you willing to migrate to Vtiger. Launch the Demo Migration. Trujay will migrate up to 10 items of chosen modules for you to estimate the work of the service.

Step 5. Start Full Insightly to Vtiger Migration

If you are delighted with the migration outcomes, start your Full Insightly Migration.

Don’t twiddle your thumbs, it’s high time for changes. Start your Insightly to Vtiger migration right now! Stop dragging your feet and make your company second to none in the area you work.

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