Migrate from SugarCRM to Insightly Easily: Intelligible Guide

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Migrate from SugarCRM to Insightly Easily: Intelligible Guide

Today’s business environment is full of the constant changes. The companies try to implement software to keep up with times for enhancing business revenue and improving customer service. The CRM world is no different. The competitiveness of the platforms induces the organizations to look for more advanced solutions. Besides, some of the companies tend to migrate to the desired software due to the following reasons:

  • current CRM obtains an outdated interface;
  • system is too complicated to work with;
  • software became too expensive;
  • platform lacks the functionality to fit unique business demands.

So, if your company faces some of the mentioned above issues, it is a sign to start looking for a better option. Among the variety of CRM systems, SugarCRM and Insightly attract a lot of attention. So, let’s compare the essential capabilities of the platforms and clarify the main steps of SugarCRM to Insightly migration.

SugarCRM vs Insightly: Main Points to Seek

Both CRMs include a number of features and tools that solve the company’s challenges, increase revenue and enhance customer relationships with the next features:

SugarCRM is admired by the companies of all sizes:

  • CRM helps you run the projects effectively by analyzing the sales and marketing activities via a single portal. This simplifies the process of tracking tasks and determine opportunities.
  • platform contains 4 types of reports (Rows and Columns, Summation, Summation with Details, Matrix). Monitor the status of sales efforts and prioritize the tasks, as well as offer the insights to boost your organization performance.
  • Sugar Mobile app allows you to serve the clients on-the-go. You can store the information, share files, and check the company’s progress when you're out of office.

Insightly helps small and mid-sized organizations:

  • solution enables you with creating opportunities to determine the value of business, manage pipelines and associated activity sets, as well as forecast the close dates.
  • platform offers a calendar to observe the events, display the tasks with due dates, and milestones. Categorize tasks by email, follow up, phone call, user, and status.
  • Insightly provides with advanced and legacy reports. The advanced ones allow you to create custom, tabular reports through an easy-to-use design using drag and drop. The Legacy reports are configurable for opportunities and activities and include basic graphs.

Price Significance

As you can see, Insightly is a better choice for small companies in terms of simplicity and costs. In case this platform fits your organization's size, requirements, and budget, then SugarCRM to Insightly transition is a way to your business prosperity.

How to Find a Right CRM Migration Tool?

Data import require a number of business-level decisions, and choosing a proper tool for a fast and secure switch is not an exception. In this case, you can take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay to perform a process without any programming or copy/pasting. Besides, you may benefit from the next functionality:

  • Data Security. The SaaS excludes a possibility of any records loss and offers you to sign Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • 100% CRMs Uptime. The service helps you avoid the business interruptions during migration.
  • Fields and Users Mapping. Trujay enables you with an ability to have a total control of modules mapping. If you see that some entities are not mapped, you can choose the available choices. Besides, you are able to assign an existing CRM user to the destination one.
  • Demo Migration. An automated tool offers you a free Demo Migration to check if everything works properly and satisfies your requirements.
  • Deduplication. The Service packages provide you with a possibility to analyze and filter the records for cleaning out the unnecessary items.

How to Tune up for a CRM Transfer?

The process of right preparation and appropriate planning is a critical step to business success. So, consider a few actions to take before a switch:

  • Make data arrangements. Delete the redundant and outdated information prior to migration.
  • Get secured. Prepare a backup and keep it even after the transfer is complete.
  • Test your new platform. Run Insightly’s 14-day trial to check the automation and configuration options.
  • Announce a change to your team. Inform the employees about upcoming CRM transition by holding a meeting.

Migrate from SugarCRM to Insightly Smoothly

Take a few easy steps to perform the data import:

Step 1. Go to app.trujay.com and sign up.


Step 2. Choose your current platform - SugarCRM. Provide URL, login, and password.

Specify the future platform - Insightly and fill out API token.

Step 3. Select the modules you want to move to Insightly, map the fields launch a free Demo Migration.

Step 4. If you satisfied with Demo results, you can proceed with SugarCRM to Insightly transfer.

What are the Post-Migration Polishing?

When the most difficult stages are behind, explore a list of activities for successful CRM implementation:

  • Check if all the records are in the proper places;
  • Define user roles and access permissions;
  • Create workflows for the main business processes;
  • Specify analytics rules and conditions;
  • Synchronize your mailboxes and back-office systems;
  • Integrate the required third- party add-ons.

To conclude, the intuitive, affordable and easy-to-use Insightly can enhance the company's performance, induce your team to achieve the objectives and boost ROI. If you want to learn more information on how to set up Insightly in the right way, check out a whitepaper “Insightly Setting Up Guidelines: Fix Your Route to Success”.


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