How to Migrate SuiteCRM to OroCRM: Power Games

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How to Migrate SuiteCRM to OroCRM: Power Games

In the light of technological advancement of everyday life, the business area has not only to go with the times but even to keep one step ahead. The challenging issue for every company is what software can meet and solve most of their requirements. So, you definitely need CRM system, which can cultivate competitive and lucrative sales, provide cooperation of the departments, offer innovative marketing campaigns, customers support and security.

Leading your business using SuiteCRM helped you to reach a certain grade. However, it takes a lot of efforts to keep up with other businesses, and you don’t get the most out of your sales. Being created by retailers, OroCRM can face all the requirements and provides multi-channel customer view. So, if you search for a balanced CRM system which is targeted on enlarging all types sales and at the same time can fit marketers and support managers needs, migration from SuiteCRM to OroCRM is an option worth to consider.

How OroCRM Prevails Over SuiteCRM?

  • OroCRM is an open source CRM software with an easy-to-use interface and effective tools for multi-task work.
  • In the process of creating new marketing campaign included information about customer browsing history and previous purchase pattern. This helps to form targeted offers in sales and enlarge the number of clients.
  • Due to the integration of the eCommerce data and browser-like approach for managing contact and calendar data, OroCRM increases productivity and improves sales.
  • Multiple dashboard view, reporting, and recurrent survey are the options that help develop marketing and sales as well as positive customer experience.
  • Website event tracking is one of the practical and productive marketing tools. It helps to scan and record user’s behavior on the site and identify customers’ interest in certain products. Reports of this tracking serve as the basis for planning future campaigns.
  • The process of customization is centered on the tailoring for the business needs and ability to solve all challenging issues of the sales and management.

Guidance to Follow

You’ve made up your mind for OroCRM, but still, doubt about the migration? Fast, precise way to migrate your CRM data from SuiteCRM to OroCRM isn’t fiction. Estimate the work of Trujay migration service, and you won’t be disappointed.

Video-Tutorial About SuiteCRM to OroCRM Migration with Trujay

Migrate to OroCRM Automatedly within Few Steps

Step 1. Register Your Trujay Account

Go to and sign up.


Step 2. Select Your Current CRM Details

Point out your SuiteCRM URL, username and password. Security of your privacy and data is ensured.

Step 3. Specify OroCRM Access Details

Provide your OroCRM URL, login and API key. To find it, log in your OroCRM account, go to “My user”, then inside this field, you’ll see API key.

Step 4. Identify Migration Options

Select options (accounts, leads, contacts, tasks and opportunities) for migration. One module, as well as few modules, can be migrated. Run the quick demo migration and see how simply the service transfers up to 10 items directly to OroCRM.

Step 5. Start Full SuiteCRM to OroCRM Migration

Click the button and start your data migration with flying speed.

Are you still waiting? Don’t waste your time! Start your SuiteCRM to OroCRM migration without hesitation. Take advantage of this opportunity to get an innovative, targeted and profitable CRM software!


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