How to Migrate from SuiteCRM to Vtiger without Troubles? [+Video]

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How to Migrate from SuiteCRM to Vtiger without Troubles? [+Video]

Did you notice the outbreak of sales, effective campaigns and successful projects? No? Then your CRM system doesn’t work as a clock. You are quite unsatisfied with all offered features and options. Improving of your platform bring no progress for your business and instead of enriching user-experience makes it rather negative.

What is Needed?

All this means that you should seriously reconsider what capabilities and options of CRM system you need to run your business easily and make it more profitable. Definitely, this software should be first-rate, reliable, affordable and without additional outlays and cost. For the sake of your time, let’s compare these CRM systems and evaluate advantages and disadvantages of SuiteCRM and Vtiger.

Evaluation of SuiteCRM

You get used to playing it safe, and SuiteCRM is a quite good aid. It’s relatively new, open source software. Developers dedicated considerable attention to the functionality and made this system compatible with other CRM platforms. SuiteCRM provides its customers with hosting, support and administration. Being a reasonable price solution, it offers low-price configurations. However, it often takes some effort to manage the interface and the process of upgrading due to developing of SuiteCRM community support organization.

Preference to Vtiger

Overcoming the generation gap, Vtiger has already gained its reputation as easy to use, dependable and secure software. Business productivity can be enhanced by using different powerful, efficient and uncommon features such as inventory management, mass mailing, creation and controlling campaigns and projects, etc. Putting customers’ needs in the first place, Vtiger offers different advertising campaigns which are ended in higher marketing achievements.

What could you obtain from SuiteCRM to Vtiger Migration?

  • Vtiger is open-source, a customizable platform which requires no hidden or additional fees.
  • It is easy in usage and doesn’t depend on your technical skills.
  • Well-organised support and security provide fast localization and solution of the problems.
  • This self-sufficient platform has an available source code for everyone.

So, you need CRM software which is equal to your business tasks and targets, combines quality and price? In this case, migrating from SuiteCRM to Vtiger is proved to be the correct decision.

Check up Video Tutorial on How to Move SuiteCRM Properly

5 Steps of SuiteCRM to Vtiger Transfer

Step 1. Create Your Account

Go to and register your Trujay account.


Step 2. Provide SuiteCRM Details

Identify your source CRM URL and type, provide your login and password.

Step 3. Specify Your Vtiger Details

Type in your Vtiger URL, username and the access key which you can find out on “My Preferences” > “User Advance Option” section. Copy and paste it in the corresponding field of the migration wizard, and press continue button.

Step 4. Run Demo Migration

Launch the Demo Migration. Up to 10 items of all specified modules can be transferred by Trujay for you to evaluate the work of the service in progress.

Step 5. Start SuiteCRM to Vtiger Migration

If the work of the Trujay impressed you – all you need is to start importing your data from SuiteCRM to Vtiger.

As you can see, Trujay is a service which deprives you of a long-drawn-out copy-paste process and additional payments. You are only in five simple steps from getting all your data into a new CRM platform quickly and efficiently. So don’t waste your time, start your SuiteCRM to Vtiger migration right now, and make a step forward to your business growth up.


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