How to Migrate Vtiger to OroCRM in no Time and at no Charge [Tutorial]

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How to Migrate Vtiger to OroCRM in no Time and at no Charge [Tutorial]

A CRM system’s aim is to facilitate the process of finding and keeping customers, providing exhaustive info on each customer and making your lead management, sales and marketing more efficient. However, the CRM market nowadays is filled with solutions fitted for different types of businesses, so it’s recommended to spend some time selecting the one that would suit your goal best.
It may happen that your business orientation is changing or that the CRM that used to suit your needs before no longer does. Anyway, if you feel that your Vtiger should be changed to something better fit for your enterprise, OroCRM can be a pretty viable candidate.

OroCRM made it to the market pretty recently – in 2012, so it’s a newbie compared to Vtiger. However, it’s found the niche that’s not been filled before. OroCRM is aimed at B2C (unlike many customer relationship management systems that work with it primarily) segment and namely at multichannel businesses, providing everything for easy integration with e-commerce platforms.

So Why should You Consider OroCRM?

  • It seamlessly works with Magento (not surprisingly, as it’s created by Magento co-founder), as well as other e-commerce systems and allows importing customers, orders and shopping carts to have access to the data within multiple channels and campaigns.
  • Based on the Symfony framework, OroCRM features great extensibility since you can create bundles of apps or tweak the existing Symfony bundles as desired.
  • Being an open-source system, OroCRM has great potential to evolve fast thanks to the active community of developers and their contributions.
  • Available in both on-premise and on-demand versions, OroCRM is suitable for those who want to take care of it themselves or prefer cloud services.
  • It boasts a modern-looking interface and is quite easy to use, plus it provides all opportunities to ease up your routine tasks.

So, if you already see yourself managing data with OroCRM software, there’s only one step to do – migrate data from your Vtiger to OroCRM. See the detailed guide below to show you the simple way through this process.

Vtiger Migration Process [+Video-Guide]

#1. To avoid lengthy and troublesome migration and save money for the move, use Trujay migration service that is very quick. Visit and click the “Start Free Migration” button.


#2. Register an account and login using your access details.


#3. Provide the URL of your Vtiger and then provide your login credentials for Vtiger account.


#4. In the next step, type in the URL of your new OroCRM plus the access details.

#5. Start the Demo migration if you’d like to see how the whole thing works – it lets you move up to 10 of your entities (opportunities, contacts, leads, accounts and tasks).

#6. When the Demo is done, all you need to do is start your Full Vtiger to OroCRM migration with a click.

So, as you can see, changing a CRM isn’t that complicated if you use the right tools. Trujay will not only save your sanity and time, so no risk altogether. Hence, don’t lose your chance to get your Vtiger data into OroCRM automatedly!

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