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Migrate from Vtiger to Salesforce like a Pro


Vtiger to Salesforce Data Migration in a Few Steps

Looking through CRM platforms diversity, you won't find the worst or best solution. However, as it's said, 'Everyone to their trade' or be more specific - to their company demands. Currently, there are a lot of various CRM solutions available at the web aiming to help business owners to improve interaction with their customers.


Consequently, Capterra surveyed 500 organizations of all shapes and sizes and determined that the companies moved from the current CRM due to the different argumentations:

  • 40% of the clients performed a transition because CRM lacked the significant functionality like lead scoring, calendar management or email marketing.
  • close to third of the clients said they transferred because the existing system was no longer supporting and advancing.
  • the third reason was the platform became too expensive.
  • then, the solution didn’t fit the size of the company anymore;
  • finally, the current CRM had a bulky interface and lacked the efficient supp

By and large, if you face some of the CRM issues mentioned above, then it is definitely a sign to search for the more comprehensive solution and perform the data import. Lately, Vtiger and Salesforce are often treated as the alternative tools, so a number of companies carry out the data import from one platform to another. Let’s outline the main capabilities of the platforms and essential steps of the data transition.

Vtiger vs Salesforce: Pros and Cons

Vtiger CRM provides its users with the following versions: on-demand and on-premise.
For those who consider using Vtiger, the price starts from $10/user/month and has such editions as:

  • Sales Package:
    • Sales Starter – $10/month/user - contact, document and workflow management + advanced reporting + web-to-lead forms + quote builder + 24h support.
    • Sales Professional – $20/user/month - all Sales Starter features + multiple currencies + sales forecasting + autoresponder campaigns + 24h support.
  • Support Package:
    • Support Starter – $10/month/user - case 7 contact management + web and email to ticket + document management & reporting + 24h support.
    • Support Professional – $20/month/user - all features from Support Starter + 24h support insights + custom modules and records.
  • All-in-one Package – $35/user/month - all features from Sales Professional and Support Professional + inventory & project management + 24h support.

This solution provides users with a lot of features for successful customer relationship management and is pretty easy in use.
Nevertheless, it’s impossible to customize user’ interface and sandbox environment. The CRM is a perfect fit for small to mid-size businesses.
Being more specific, it enhances your productivity with the following features:

  • Marketing Automation. The feature includes webforms, possibility to send follow-up and create various newsletters.
  • Efficient Forecasting. Analytics and segmentation give successful planning of targeted offers and customers.
  • Purchase Reports. You’ll have the bird-view information about your business purchases, sales orders, and transactions.
  • 3rd-party Goodies. Vtiger has such integration possibilities like Outlook, Gmail, Google Contacts and Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Magento, PayPal, etc.


Salesforce is a wealth-featured software for advanced sales, marketing, and client’s collaboration. It was developed in 1997, and now it provides a lot of add-ons and options for company management. This platform is often treated as an optimal solution for enterprise level companies.

In case you want to use this software be ready for financial investments: the cheapest edition goes at the $25/user/month.
As for the rest Salesforce pricing modes, check out the following:

  • SalesforceIQ CRM Starter – $25/user/month/billed annually - Basic sales & marketing for up to 5 users
  • Lightning Professional – $75/user/month/billed annually - Complete CRM for any size team
  • Lightning Enterprise – $150user/month/billed annually - Customize CRM for your entire business
  • Lightning Unlimited – $300/user/month/billed annually - Extend CRM to accelerate performance.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the main features which Salesforce.com offers to its users.

  • Detailed Forecasting. This option provides business owners with online forecasting and offers pipeline visibility of the management hierarchy. Moreover, it provides the detailed information about each opportunity.
  • Flexible Sales Tracking. You can see and manage full-cycle clients sales history.
  • Bird-Views Reports. The feature includes information about transactions, orders and different kinds of sales.
  • Integration Possibilities. Easy connection with different email tools (Mailchimp, Gmail, Outlook) and synchronization with SM like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

In case you’ve already run Vtiger CRM and is thinking about moving your records to Salesforce, go through the straightforward guide below and explore how to perform the Vtiger to Salesforce migration swiftly and effortlessly.

CRM Migration: Smooth Way to Business Growth

One of the critical steps of CRM data import is choosing a right migration tool that can fit your business demands and budget. You can take advantage of an automated migration service Trujay to transfer the records from Vtiger to Salesforce without copy/pasting or programming.
The SaaS provides you with the following beneficial features:

  • exclude the possibility of data loss with security regulations and sign the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • perform the fields and users mapping on your own in accordance to your company requirements.
  • eliminate any interruptions of business processes as the tool guarantees the total uptime of both CRMs.
  • launch a free Demo Migration and check of the SaaS works properly.
  • use the Service Package with deduplication feature and clean out the copies of records.

4 Simple Steps of Vtiger to Salesforce Migration

#1 Step. To initiate the Vtiger to Salesforce migration - go to Trujay website and register your account. All you need to do is to specify your username, email, and password in the provided fields. Else, login via your social networks or as Salesforce user



#2 Step. Next, enter your Vtiger access details (URL, login and API token). If you want to discover how to find Vtiger access key, check out the information here.

Then, choose Salesforce as you future CRM platform type. Now, you'll be redirected to your Salesforce account. Press “Allow” button and login to your Salesforce account.


#3 Step. Select the modules you want to migrate to Salesforce, map the fields and run a free Demo Migration.


#4 Step. Now, if you are satisfied with your demo results, you can proceed with the data import.



Bottom Slice

Got intrigued? Don’t wait up, grab your bit and start your free Demo Migration right now. The SaaS will transfer your CRM data in a fully automated way.





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