How to Migrate from Vtiger to SugarCRM with no Sweat

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How to Migrate from Vtiger to SugarCRM with no Sweat

Life is full of variety and requires constant improvement and deep dedication. Of course, being in a comfort zone is rather preferable that taking hazards. But how many summits could you conquer bypassing the Rubicon? Only high wishes and high expectations force you to a significant change. Perhaps, you have the same feelings while speaking about switching from one CRM platform to another. But, a desire to create a more reliable and temporary business relationship will make you shoot the moon. That’s why a lot of people who run the CRM platform, are thinking about migration from Vtiger to SugarCRM.


SugarCRM is often treated as an alternative to Vtiger. It’s known as one of the top powerful and flexible CRM systems out there. This commercial platform is developed for small and mid-market companies. SugarCRM provides its users with the easy installation process and user-friendly interface. Its huge base of third-party tools helps business owners to manage their company and increase revenue.

Hence, you are welcome to follow this straightforward guide below to migrate your CRM data from Vtiger to SugarCRM in a proper way.

Vtiger to SugarCRM Migration in 5 Simple Steps


1. Create Trujay Account.

Before setting up your Vtiger to SugarCRM migration, go to and register your account.


2. Specify Vtiger Details

Provide, your URL, then your login, and access key. For Vtiger CRM (Open Source and On-Demand) you may find out it in the Vtiger admin dashboard -> “My Preferences” > “Users Advanced Options.” Just copy it and paste it in the corresponding field in the migration wizard.

3. Specify SugarCRM Details

Point your SugarCRM URL, then your username and password.

4. Select Vtiger to SugarCRM Migration OptionsThere are the following: accounts, leads, opportunities, contacts, tasks. To check up the process of Vtiger migration, you may run free Demo Migration. Trujay will migrate up to 10 items to your new SugarCRM platform.

vtiger to sugarcrm

6. Start Vtiger to SugarCRM Migration

Catch your chance and start full Vtiger migration and breathe new life into your business company right now.

vtiger to sugarcrm

That’s it! Now you know how to migrate CRM Data from Vtiger to SugarCRM with ease. So, catch your chance and migrate your leads, contacts, accounts, relations, opportunities, and tasks directly to SugarCRM in a few hours and no codes!

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