Migrate Vtiger to SuiteCRM: Illustrated Reasons to Move [Infographic]

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Migrate Vtiger to SuiteCRM: Illustrated Reasons to Move [Infographic]

The premise of a solid house is its foundation, concerning business, this would be customer relation management software. In days of rapid technology development, every business owner aims to run money-making, secure and long-lasting company. For meeting new aspects of marketing and sales, as well as customer support and security, you require dependable, affordable and powerful software. How to choose a suitable platform for your business? There is an extensive range of options. Being in the top positions of the list of powerful and useful, Vtiger and SuiteCRM have strong and weak areas. So, let’s compare the opportunities provided by these CRM system.

Vtiger vs. SuiteCRM: Whose Job Is Well Done?

  • Vtiger, as well as SuiteCRM, are open sourced and offer a free trial plan and commercial version. Both CRM platforms are quite affordable. Vtiger will cost you $12 per user/month, and the price of SuiteCRM is $10 user/month.
  • There are two crucial aspects such as support and security which attempt to increase clients’ loyalty and positive customer experience.
  • Vtiger is appropriate for freelancers, small and medium companies while SuiteCRM can cope with the needs of organizations of various size.
  • The main features of Vtiger are the capability of integrating with third party tools, innovative marketing, inventory and project management, mass mailing campaigns, pre and post sales activities. Nevertheless, SuiteCRM proposes far more useful options such as requirements gathering, system integration, customer modules, reporting and planning future campaigns.
  • Customization is a touchy issue for Vtiger as long as it is quite laborious and requires some technical skills.
  • Friendly interface, the flexibility of the customization processes and access from any mobile device make SuiteCRM very beneficial and serviceable system.

Despite all positive sides, Vtiger and SuiteCRM have drawbacks as well. None of these platforms goes down without a fight. But there is the other side of the coin. SuiteCRM offers advanced sales approaches and rich-feature sets that are more likely to hit the highest levels of income. While the standard opportunities sets and managing modules of Vtiger can fail at this point. After second thoughts, you decided that SuiteCRM is a good choice for your business? Here is provided the infographic which includes the main facts concerning the formerly mentioned CRM systems. Apart from this, there is a short but comprehensive guidance about the fast and precise Vtiger to SuiteCRM migration.


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