How to Migrate from Zoho to Insightly: Improving Scalability

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How to Migrate from Zoho to Insightly: Improving Scalability

How to Migrate from Zoho to Insightly: Improving Scalability


The perpetual changes in the business world help companies keep pace with the market requirements to ensure revenue growth. As a result, many organizations consider moving their existing CRM systems to more advanced solutions. Being in the list of the popular CRM migration pairs, the data transition from Zoho to Insightly can fulfill these demands.



Why is Insightly a Skillful View in the Future?


Insightly is a great choice for small and mid-sized businesses. It provides an efficient data organization, many integrations, marketing, and sales automation. To be more specific and understand the real value of Insightly, consider the following:


  • The platform includes a user-friendly interface and provides featured-rich dashboards. The analysis of the acquired information helps you plan and optimize future activities and projects.


  • Marketing automation provides campaign, mailing list, and newsletter management, different reports.


  • The solution integrates with marketing automation tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and others.


  • Sales automation enables you with tracking capabilities for closing more deals.


  • Customization changes the theme, contact list display, URL along with adding or deleting categories and fields, drag-and-drop files.


  • Collaboration is provided by remote access, workflow management, mobile applications, customer self-service portal, and call center.


  • Inventory management allows you to achieve seamless integration between pre-sales and post-sales actions. Besides, you can track the procurement of the products or services the preferred list of vendors.


With CRM like Insightly, you can maximize your ROI and sustain collaboration with clients. So, the migration from Zoho to Insightly will your leverage opportunity.



Advised Set of Guidelines for Zoho to Insightly Migration


Since you decide to migrate to Insightly, the next step should be finding the right tool to perform a fast and secure transition. An automated migration service Trujay can move your data in a direct and accurate manner. The SaaS enables you with performing the process hands-off and excludes the copy/pasting.


The automated solution simplifies the migration from Zoho to Insightly by:


  • Data Cleaning

The service helps you eliminate the copies before the migration. The SaaS allows to delete the duplicates in the service packages.


  • Field Mapping

Trujay enables you with mapping the entities during the Zoho to Insightly transfer. When you see that some fields are not mapped, choose the available choices. The service supports the mapping of the CRM default entities. To map other critical entities, the custom fields should be created on the future platform.


  • Free Demo

The service will move a limited amount of records. During the Demo, some data of selected modules may not be migrated due to the contacts randomly chosen for the transition have no relations with other entities. In the full migration, all data will be migrated.


  • CRMs Uptime

Your business will be running as usual, and the team won’t notice any downtime during the migration to Insightly. Trujay works without any impact on the CRM systems’ uptime.



How to Perform Zoho to Insightly Data Migration Effortlessly?


When you all fired up with the argumentations of Zoho to Insightly migration and identified the suitable tool for a successful procedure, consider the several preparation steps:


  • Analyze your records and clean out the unnecessary ones
  • Get a backup to eliminate any data loss
  • Try 14-day Insightly free trial to test the functionality options
  • Call the meeting to announce your team a CRM switch


Consider a quick guide to complete the migration smoothly:



Sep1. Create your Trujay account at



Step2. Choose your current CRM - Zoho and specify the CRM URL. Select the future solution - Insightly and provide API Key and URL.

zoho to insightly

Step3. Then, pick out the records you want to migrate to Insightly. Tick on the corresponding boxes and map the fields.

Once you have done all settings, launch a free Demo Migration to see the service in action.

zoho to insightly mapping

Step4. If you are satisfied with the Demo results, complete your Zoho to Insightly migration.

zoho to insightly results

Actions After Zoho to Insightly Migration


Even after the data migration is complete, it is recommended to take a few more steps to make sure your new Insightly will be working properly:


  • Check whether all migrated data is accurate and in the appropriate places;
  • provide the access permissions and make the minor configuration adjustments like analytics;
  • Avoid heavy customizations during the first month, otherwise, the end-user adoption can be time-consuming;
  • Set up the workflow rules and establish ongoing data quality control. This way you can make sure that the employees understand how the new solution works and follow the rules of records entry.



Final Thought


Get your business on the right path with Zoho to Insightly transition. Move your data with the automated migration service Trujay. Put away your hesitations, set up the free Demo migration right now!


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