Migrating from Insightly to OroCRM Without Strain [+Video]

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Migrating from Insightly to OroCRM Without Strain [+Video]

Managing a company has never been an easy task. Nevertheless, since CRM platforms have appeared, it becomes simpler to do it. This solution aims to automate your sales and marketing campaigns, as well as improve cooperation among prospective and current clients. Nowadays, more and more business owners give their preferences to Insightly and OroCRM. So, let’s take a closer look at these systems and find out which one will suit your company requirements more.

Insightly Software - Top Cloud CRM for Small Business

Insightly CRM has over 650,000 users in more than 100 countries. Currently, it’s the #1 application among platforms that are oriented on small business running. It’s a modern software that comes with the basic, but advanced, features like sales pipeline, marketing automation, workflow option and reporting. Using social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., you’ll be able to stay in touch with your customers at any time.

OroCRM - Masterful CRM for Business Management

OroCRM is an open-source customer relationship management software that offers its users sales and marketing automation. OroCRM provides customer segmentation (age, wishes, countries, languages) and reporting management, as well as flexible data integration (email tools, SM profiles, Magento, etc.) and campaign creation. Beside major sales management options, this software also provides features like multi-channel sales workflow.

Overall, both customer relationship management platforms are best-of-breed solutions, in case they are used in the right context. Nevertheless, after tough consideration, you may make the decision of Insightly to OroCRM migration. Quite often, the switch action requires a lot of efforts and time. However, there is an alternative to manual CSV/Excel export/import method - Trujay migration. This web-based CRM migration service will move your data from Insightly software directly to OroCRM in a fully automated manner with no software to install.

How-to Video about Insightly to OroCRM Migration with Trujay

Migrate from Insightly to OroCRM Simply with Trujay

#1 Step. Registration

To initiate Insightly to OroCRM transfer - go to Trujay website and register your account. All you should do is, enter your username, email, password and phone number in the provided fields in the migration wizard.




#2 Step. Provide Source CRM Data

Initiate your Insightly CRM type, and provide your access API key (Insightly dashboard > user settings > there’s API key that you should copy/paste in the migration wizard).

#3 Step. Specify Target CRM Details

Choose your OroCRM type from the drop-down list, and provide your API key. You can find it going to your Oro dashboard > “My User” page > and there it is.

#4 Step. Choose Migration Options

Select extra migration preferences. Simply check the matching points to activate the required options you wish to be migrated to a new OroCRM. Set up Free Demo Migration to check up Trujay in progress and evaluate the outcomes.

#5 Step. Start Full CRM Migration

Start Full Insightly to OroCRM switch by pressing the corresponding button.

That’s it! So, don’t wait up, set up your Free Demo Migration from Insightly to OroCRM right now, and make sure that using Trujay your migration will be a piece of cake.


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