Migrating to Vtiger CRM. 5 Things That Make You Ponder

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Migrating to Vtiger CRM. 5 Things That Make You Ponder

Theoretically, veritably good CRM platform allows a company to make the customer the epicenter of every cooperation. Trying to comprise all the possible features of dynamic and balanced instrument, CRM is the optimal solution for leveraging customer relationship to increase profitability and revenue. Nowadays, the profuse variety of CRM platforms makes the business owners to think twice before choosing the single solution for marketing, sales, and customer service management. So, to make you searching a little bit flawless and hassle-free, we have prepared the post that uncovers all the sides of Vtiger CRM platform.

1. Vtiger Perspective

Starting from the very beginning, Vtiger CRM has made the history from a fork of SugarCRM 1.0, but at that time there was distinguished a quite divergent strategic plan of development. Vtiger was created with the idea of open source approaches and product directions in mind. Initially, it provided users with capabilities of customer services, customization, and integration, but today it turns into a robust and intuitive CRM solution. Apart from traditional functions of customer relationship management system like marketing, sales, customer connection management, Vtiger includes quotes, inventory, billing and project management, sale order processing and others.

2. Budget-Friendly Choice

Comparing Vtiger to other platforms, the price is pretty reasonable – $12 per user/month. Also, you may test drive Vtiger using free 30 days trial. Even while comparing Vtiger to SugarCRM Enterprise edition and Salesforce Professional cost $60 and $65 respectfully, but they do not include project and inventory management. So, you should admit, Vtiger looks like an alluring proposal.

3. Vtiger Sales Automation

Generally, regarding customer relationship management, sales force automation might be the most decisive necessity of CRM system. So, Vtiger undertakes this mission in the following way. Using this CRM, your sales department will be able to manage leads, opportunities, quotes, invoices, and observe all the existent contacts and organizations. Additionally, you may use related modules like file attachments, product and inventory management. To get the full control over the processes, integrate your Vtiger CRM with third-party tools like Outlook, email marketing services, accounting systems, etc. With the diligent reporting system, you will be able to analyze the sales cycle and improve your further approaches.

4. Marketing Automation

Building a strategic plan for product or service promotion, chasing a lead, socially interact, directing a newly-backed lead to the sales department, – well, there couldn’t be the way out without automation. Without the proficient marketing automation. So, to proceed with the accomplished inbound marketing management, Vtiger provides you with the space to manage leads, distinguish target customer, after that when the work of marketing department is finished, you may direct a customer to the sales manager creating an Opportunity in a single click. Create portfolios, set the budget, track all the information in the unified user interface with Vtiger.

5. Vtiger Harmony of Requests, Messages, And Interaction

From the perspective of customer support, Vtiger allows gathering all the conversations and resolutions within a single dashboard, whether you sent an email, use chat or phone. Additionally, you may create a ticket via email and notify your colleagues about any update. Also, there’s available the self-service option that allows your customers to monitor all the actions, recent deals, documents created. Also, you may create the FAQ category for your users.


So, implementing Vtiger will build the strong and valuable bridges between your company and customers, you might easily optimize all the cross-company actions, external and internal relationship. Now, you may see that the idea of switching from your current CRM platform to vTiger might turn into the perspective solution for your company. So, perform your Vtiger CRM migration with Trujay, automated service, that makes your CRM data transition in accurate and fast way.

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