Migrating Zoho to Salesforce: Motivation and Means [Infographic]

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Migrating Zoho to Salesforce: Motivation and Means [Infographic]

The competition in the CRM market is fierce, and developer companies are ready to fight for every customer. Therefore, amongst the really attractive offers from different CRM systems, to find the right one is way far from being an easy matter. You need to take into account numerous factors like the functionality, acquisition costs, type (on premise/on demand), scalability, customizability, etc.

Zoho CRM is frequently called #1 CRM for small businesses, taken its functionality that includes mainly necessary features with no extras to keep things simple. Also, the free plan with no limits other than the number of users can make a perfect fit for startup companies. The paid editions are very moderately priced, an important factor for making a decision.

However, Zoho may turn out to be insufficient for a growing company with the need for deeper analytics, forecasting and more opportunities for customization. The transition issue then gets quite serious, but first and foremost thing to do is to select the new destination, or, in other words, the new CRM. So, let’s set off to search for it.

Salesforce is the top CRM software provider and one of the pioneers in the industry that can accommodate the demands of SMBs as well as large companies and enterprises. Now, we will see what are Salesforce advantages over Zoho in the key aspects of customer relationship management.

  • Salesforce made innovation its rule, so customers are sure they will always be using the latest and most effective technology in business
  • Salesforce follows the latest trends, and it offers one of the best social CRM out there. You will be able to see your clients’ info, updates from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and respond right within your CRM. It also allows creating your own social community, gathering customers’ feedback and ideas to make interaction closer and build trust to your company.
  • Thanks to Force.com, the customization and building apps in Salesforce is made easier and less time consuming. Also, it provides advanced integration tools for email, web services, and other apps integration.
  • With Salesforce, you get access to advanced level analytics, which is of crucial importance for businesses seeking prosperity.

To ensure that Salesforce is the right choice for you, take advantage of the free trial period to give it a try. When you’re totally positive that the migration from Zoho to Salesforce is necessary, make use of the following infographic with the description of the easy and accurate way of moving the data to its new home.

Migrating Zoho to Salesforce: Motivation and Means [Infographic]

With Trujay, your Zoho to Salesforce migration will be a breeze, and your Zoho info will be automatedly shifted to Salesforce in a matter of minutes, with no coding skills or huge expenses.

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