Migration from SugarCRM to Capsule: Step Up to Your Goals [How-To]

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Migration from SugarCRM to Capsule: Step Up to Your Goals [How-To]
Migrate from SugarCRM to Capsule

The functional and technological possibilities of CRM systems have grown significantly over the past years, so probably your current solution can not support all of the new capabilities. But it doesn’t mean that you have to stay on the cutting edge - the problem has a resolvement. You can always evaluate CRM market and choose the platform that fits the needs of your company better. Thus, let’s compare the main peculiarities of SugarCRM and Capsule and why you should consider a switch to the latter.

SugarCRM vs Capsule: Dig Up the Assets

SugarCRM is a great CRM platform that was launched in 2004. By placing the individual at the center of its solution, SugarCRM is putting the “i” in CRM and empowering you to engage better with customers. Also, it is deeply customizable CRM that enables you to handle the important projects easy by tracking of the sales performance and marketing campaigns. You can manage email, calendar, and files together as well as overview real-time pipeline and analysis in a simple way to make business decisions.

As the solution is open-source, SugarCRM can be customized to fit the organizations of all sizes. However, the software is complicated enough, so you will need someone for managing the system.  For this reason, SugarCRM may be too complex for the needs of small businesses.

SugarCRM comes as a free version, the Community Edition, which you download and install on your own server. But the company stopped releasing subscription, and it would now be a bug fix only application. At this point, the platform includes 3 paid plans:

  • Sugar Professional - $40 user per month/15GB storage/ limited online support
  • Sugar Enterprise - $65 user per month/60GB storage
  • Sugar Ultimate - $150 user per month/ 250GB storage

Also, there is a minimum of 10 users for each of the paid versions. Note, you can’t go month-to-month, so you are obligated to pay for all users upfront. For example, if you are thinking about Sugar Professional, you're looking at a minimum annual subscription of $4,800 a year. Therefore, do these costs fit the budget of your company? Consequently, check out a great and reasonably priced alternative - Capsule CRM.

Founded in 2008, Capsule CRM caters the small-sized businesses. The solution focuses on sales pipeline management and includes affordable services as well as simple interface. By using Capsule CRM, you can perform different activities, such as:

  • structuralize data using tags
  • create contact lists and use them to send multiple emails
  • store and share up to 50,000 contacts within the organization
  • manage sales pipeline by breaking down into stages and generate reports on it
  • track activities between you and other employees
  • regulate the security, so only some users can operate with the bulk export option
  • create tasks relating to particular deals and share them with co-workers
  • use ‘tracks’ to create a standard selling process
  • integrate the system with Google Apps
  • make use of a wide range of third-party tools, like Mailchimp or Zendesk
  • identify which of your contacts are on social media and add this info to contacts
  • manage ‘cases’ related to particular events as well as to-do-lists and calendars

Capsule includes two plans:

Free Plan

  • Support for 2 users
  • 250 contacts
  • Somewhat limited (10MB) storage

Premium Plan

  • $12 per month per user
  • Multiple users
  • Support for up to 50,000 contacts
  • 2GB of storage per user

Also, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial of the Professional plan, but you will be asked for the credit card credentials.

As you can see, Capsule can be a better fit for your business not only in terms of price, but also thanks to the set of comprehensive properties. So, if you consider migrating from SugarCRM to Capsule, take a look how you can manage the process of transferring fast and secure by using an automated migration system Trujay.

Preparation Points

If you want your data transfer to pass in a flawless way, you should take the following steps before performing the switch:

  • eliminate all the unnecessary data from your current CRM
  • check out Capsule free trial, so you know how the platform works
  • arrange your backup plan in case you loose any data during the move
  • announce the information about a change to your employees and provide some instructions

Sleek Migration from SugarCRM to Capsule

  1. To set a migration process, you have to register your Trujay account. So, go to app.trujay.com and sign in. You can also log in with your social network information.

2. Choose SugarCRM from the drop-down menu. Specify your URL, login, and password.

3. Specify your destination CRM - Capsule. Then provide system’s URL and API token.

If you have hard time to find Capsule’s API key, follow the next instructions:

  • Sign in to your Capsule account and choose ‘My Preferences’.
  • You will be able to see API Authentication Token, then press on it and copy the code.

4. Decide what modules you want to migrate and check the corresponding boxes to transfer your accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities and leads together with the related activities.

Now, you can start the free demo migration to see the process in action. The service will migrate up to 25 items from each module you selected to Capsule preserving  relations between them.  Also, you can choose a deduplication option to clean out all the dupes and redundant data.

Also, if you want to move the additional records that require some help of our techs and specific data mapping, you can easily ask for a custom demo migration.

5. Now, if you are satisfied with results, start your full migration from SugarCRM to Capsule.

Post-Migration Activities

  • make sure all the items are in the proper places
  • check out if the relations between the records are restored in the right way
  • organize all your specific filters for analytics
  • set up personalized workflow rules
  • provide your employees all required instructions as well as tutorials, so they can easily adapt to a change

To conclude, some CRM systems fail gradually over time to support the ability to complete key business processes of the company, compete effectively in their market and generate appropriate reports that support the decision-making actions. So, if you follow all tips for preparation, CRM switch, and actions afterwards, you will be able to perform the migration from SugarCRM to Capsule in just a few clicks. Don’t hesitate, try free demo migration from SugarCRM to Capsule right now!

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