Migration to Highrise: Exploring the Tips for Successful Switch

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Migration to Highrise: Exploring the Tips for Successful Switch

The present-day CRM industry complies with the high standards and offers cutting-edge technologies that fulfill the demands of the big companies, multi-level enterprises, as well as the requirement of small groups and freelancers. Highrise is a neat and all-inclusive cloud CRM that helps tight-budget businesses by incorporating up-to-date innovations. This platform assists in the improvement of the company’s performance along with a relevant customer experience and, therefore, the data migration to Highrise became a practical alternative.

Highrise CRM: Laying the Corner Stones to Success

Highrise is a viable CRM solution that allows small start-ups to maintain the advancement and have all clients related data in a single place with an ability of team access. The platform excludes overcomplication of the work and enables the following basic features:

  • by force of cases, you can keep your records in order and have straightforward access to the related emails, notes, files and images
  • deals entity helps you to monitor the performance stages, attach extra notes, as well as estimate your revenue from each customer
  • dropbox email address by adding which into emails you will attach your messages into your personal account
  • cosmetic personalization options of company’s logo and change of the dashboard colour
  • support service presented by the unlimited email issue resolvement
  • free mobile app for iPhone
  • solution could be driven on the Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Chrome via any mobile gadget

Due to these numerous advantages, a lot of business owners prefer the migration to Highrise from other CRM platforms and explore the new avenues of the industry they work in.

Pricing Policy Spot

This affordable platform delivers 6 plans that lack obligatory monthly payment per user and requires no long-term contracts.

  1. Free version has no limitation of usage for 2 users and allows 250 contacts storage
  2. Solo plan costs $29 per month and offers 30 days trial for 1 user with 5GB for files, unlimited deals and 20K contacts
  3. Highrise Basic for small groups (up to 6 users) that comes at $29 per month and 5,000 contacts, 10 deals and 5 GB storage
  4. Highrise Plus (up to 15 users) that comes at $49 per month offers 20,000 contacts, unlimited deals and 15 GB for files
  5. Highrise Premium (up to 40 users) with $99 per month delivers 30,000 contacts, unlimited deals and 30 GB for files
  6. Highrise Max (unlimited users) for $149 per month offers 50,000 contacts, unlimited deals and 75 GB storage

Summing up, you can choose the most appropriate plan for your business size and needs.

Cut Down the Switch Arrangements

Data migration is a challenging and cumbersome process that demands thorough preparations. In case you want to streamline your CRM initiative, make sure you accomplished all the stages from this shortlist.

  • Review your data for copies and delete them.
  • Fill in the empty fields where it is possible.
  • Backup your database on a hard-drive or USB-drive.
  • Set up user trainings for increased level of the end-user adoption.
  • Draw up a coherent strategy of implementation and system rolling out.

Automated Migration to Highrise: Clarify the Benefits

The automated solution handles the process of the migration to Highrise without side effects, system downtime and data privacy violations. Moreover, Trujay enables its users with the flexible pricing policy and estimator tool that allows you to calculate the expenses of the records you want to switch. Still harbor suspicions about the automated migration? Start a free Demo Migration and evaluate the SaaS in the action.

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