Migration from Salesforce to Vtiger: Cut the Spendings, Grow Efficiency [+Video]

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Migration from Salesforce to Vtiger: Cut the Spendings, Grow Efficiency [+Video]

Salesforce and vTiger are two of the several most popular CRM systems on the market. Salesforce, which was founded in 1999, 4 years before vTiger, had enough time to earn wide recognition and become one of the synonyms of the CRM notion itself. This powerful customer relationship management system provides everything needed for successful management for all types of businesses with the focus on enterprise level companies. It’s far from being an affordable solution, but again - the brand name and years of experience come at a price.

If you’ve chosen Salesforce as the best software out there, you did well. However, if this solution has become financially heavy for you or many of the advanced functions just sit there and you don’t really put them to use, you may be thinking of the other solution - with exactly the functionality needed and for a lower price. In that case, direct your eyes at vTiger CRM.

vTiger was conceived with open source and availability in mind. Till now, its on-premise version has its source code open and is free to download and use. The cloud version, however, is paid, but, compared to Salesforce, the pricing is more than affordable. Moreover - you can pay monthly or annually unlike Salesforce, where you are compelled to pay a year in advance.

But don’t be mistaken thinking that this system must be far inferior to Salesforce, taken its cost. In fact, vTiger is focused on SMBs rather than huge companies, so its feature set is correspondingly smaller to avoid the unneeded complexity.

vTiger has some strong points to consider:

  1. Affordable pricing - starting from $12 per user, it is one of the most cost-effective CRMs, which will not be too heavy for your wallet.

  2. Ease of use - thanks to the intuitive dashboard and uncluttered interface, vTiger is quick to master both for those who have used a CRM previously, or are totally new to this type of software.

  3. A great help with sales process management - this CRM provides the opportunity to create sales quotes and orders as well as turn them into invoices for the customers, which isn’t a typical CRM feature. If your business is connected with sales, vTiger might become a serious time saver.

  4. Inventory management - one more feature that makes up vTiger’s competitive advantage. It allows to track the products info - like pricing, in/out of stock, images, manufacturers, etc. right within the application. This data can also be integrated with your contacts and accounts for a deeper view of each.

Before you make a final decision, you are recommended to try out vTiger first with their free trial. But be sure - if you decide that this solution suits you, take a look at the following step-by -step tutorial on smooth and trouble free migration from Salesforce to vTiger with Trujay migration service.

Video Guide about Automated CRM Migration from Salesforce to Vtiger with Trujay

Salesforce to Vtiger Migration: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Register an account so that to continue. Fill in the necessary info - username, email and password or use your social media profile.


2. Select Salesforce from the drop-down menu in the migration wizard and login to your CRM account.

3. When you reach the next step, type in your Vtiger login and API key.

4. Select modules you want to migrate to your new Vtiger CRM platform. Click Start Demo migration button. In a few minutes limited of your entities will be moved to (accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, tasks) from Salesforce to Vtiger to demonstrate how it works.

5. Check the Demo results in Vtiger account. If you like what you get - just click the button Start Full migration and you’ll get your new CRM with your data in it very quickly.

Got a couple of spare minutes? Then, set up your free Demo without further ado, and get the feel of your new Vtiger CRM with all the needed data in it with no efforts at all!

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