Migration to Solve: Looming Upgrade of Trujay

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Migration to Solve: Looming Upgrade of Trujay

Migration to Solve: Looming Upgrade of Trujay

Exciting news! In the nearest future, you will be able to migrate to Solve, as well as switch your CRM data from it, in an automated and accurate manner with Trujay!

At an early date, you may migrate to Solve in a two-way direction. Trujay will allow you to switch your accounts, leads, contacts, tasks and opportunities to and from Solve swiftly and securely.

Solve is an innovative and advantageous cloud CRM that incorporate progressive technologies and best business management practices for small companies. This CRM grants its users practical tools for sales and marketing, customizable data management, timely support service along with a large scope for improvement and high adoption rates. Solve will help you to cultivate team spirit, and build harmonious and enduring relationships with your customers.

Many business owners await for taking the vantage of newly-backed opportunity - automated migration to Solve, avoiding all roundabouts of coding and copy/pasting. The service team do its best for meeting the needs of our clients. So, in the immediate future, you will enjoy the prerogative of bidirectional data switch to Solve!

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