Migration to SugarCRM or How to Start a New Age of Building Bridges [Tutorial]

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Migration to SugarCRM or How to Start a New Age of Building Bridges [Tutorial]

With the every game changer, you should carefully plan all the steps and actions, use the art of tactic and strategy, define all the possible devices that will help you to eliminate efforts, save time, as well as avoid any risk of data losses. Not for nothing SugarCRM is considered to be one of the most robust and mature customer relationship management systems out there. With the view of your business well-being, SugarCRM offers sales-force automation, reporting, customer support, flexible mobile and social CRM facilities. That’s why more and more users are currently leaving their old CRM systems for SugarCRM. In case you are also among them, you are welcome to take your time to follow this scenario on how to migrate to SugarCRM with ease.

SugarCRM Migration: from Cover to Cover

Pre-Migration Actions

1. Back Up Your Source CRM Data

To exclude any risk of data losses, you should back up your CRM content. Indeed and not in name, the data backup is considered to be a good tradition of customer relationship management. If you use a software-as-a-service CRM solution, usually the backup option is included in the list of features. Check out whether it’s free or paid. Also, it is frequently spread regular data backup. In case, your CRM platform is located on your server; you should care about your safety by yourself. The database backup might be made with the help of PhpMyAdmin application.

2. Draw a Parallel Between Old And SugarCRM

Technically, all CRM platforms are aimed at the only goal. However, the features and options diversity is no exception. That is why before making first touches of CRM data migration, you should carefully scrutinize your new SugarCRM and draw a parallel between your current and new modules. For clarity, one CRM platform counts particular range of default modules, while the set of another CRM might differ significantly. So, you should be sure whether all your modules have counterparts on your new CRM platform.

3. Make a Database Backup of Custom Fields

If you are a whale at CRM management, you undoubtedly realize that there’s no way to avoid any customizations. And to make your migration to SugarCRM zero-loss and flawless you should back up all the customized data. It will greatly simplify an automated CRM data migration.

4. Set Up a Proper SugarCRM Timezone

Check up to date and time type attributes. Make sure that time zone and regional settings are the same.

  • Go to Sugar Admin -> System -> Locale.

CRM Migration as It Does

Now it’s a high time to start the migration to SugarCRM. For this purpose, we’d like to describe this procedure through the perspective of automated migration with Trujay service. Migration to SugarCRM is secure and run on Amazon Elastic Cloud servers.

The process runs into a few simple steps in the migration wizard. Technically, it looks like the following:

  1. Trujay pulls data from source CRM using API
  2. retrieves it to the scheme of target Sugar platform
  3. passes received data to the target CRM

Apart from this, Trujay preserves relations like:

  • Account: Member of
  • Contact: Account Name, Reports to
  • Task: Contact Name, Related to
  • Opportunity: Account Name

Also, if you want to migrate separate modules data, you may select required items:

Post-Migration Tips

When the transfer of CRM data is complete, you should take care of the rest of information. You may copy/paste data you’ve uploaded from the custom fields, and look through the Sugar to see whether data was migrated correctly.

Behind the curtain of this migration procedure, you should also consider a few training courses for your team members, extra modules installation, etc. All in all, you should diligently plan your CRM switch starting from future CRM selection to setting up all the required features.

You are welcome to try automated migration to SugarCRM. Start your Demo Migration right now to start a new era of your customer relationship management.

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