Migration From SuiteCRM to Insightly Like From Classics to Modernity

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Migration From SuiteCRM to Insightly Like From Classics to Modernity

Generally, the profound changes are not to somebody’s liking, but if you want to reach the peak of success, the sporting blood should be an inevitable component of your business management. To withstand the competition, engage more customers and increase the profits, you should implement an effective CRM platform. Recently, newly-backed Insightly CRM platform has been represented as the contemporary solution for prospective business management. A great way to find the right CRM Software product for your firm is to cross-check the solutions against each other. Here you can compare SuiteCRM and Insightly and see their functions compared in detail to help you pick which one is the superior product. So, before going on with the migration guidance from SuiteCRM to Insightly, let’s scrutinize they features to make the right decision.

SuiteCRM - The SugarCRM Fork

SuiteCRM is an open-source software that was forked from SugarCRM in 2013. This solution is focused on mid-size businesses running as well as on large enterprises management. SuiteCRM offers its users 2 versions.

  • SuiteCRM On-Site is offered absolutely at no cost and can easily be downloaded and installed on your own server.
  • With SuiteCRM On-Demand, you will get an expert support and hosting.

The workflow of this software is a flexible tool that streamlines and automates the sales, marketing, and support processes, and freeing workers from routine tasks to improve selling and cooperation with clients.

Insightly CRM. New Prospect for Your Business


Insightly has been developed in San Francisco, California in 2009. This software is often treated as a modern CRM, with flexible capabilities. Editions and Pricing

  • Gratis. ($0) Up to 3 users, 2,500 records, 200 MB storage.
  • Standard. This version will cost business owners $7 per user per month.
  • Enterprise. Almost unlimited possibilities, 24/7 support.

Powerful CRM for Small Business

Insightly orients on small and mid-size businesses, due to it's easy to use interface. This solution has been developed for managing company’ contacts, standing, and prospective clients, as well as in-side collaboration among departments and workers. With Insightly admin dashboard you may:

  • Easily create new users (1-click action)
  • Just assign users permissions

Social CRM

You may see your client's Twitter line as well as public Linkedin page directly in your Insightly dashboard. Furthermore, you may simply explore your customer’s information from Google+, Picasa, Klout, Facebook and FourSquare.

Rich Integration Possibilities

  • The software provides an easy synchronization with your events, tasks, and milestones directly with your Google Calendar.
  • It includes built-in Gmail add-on which saves letters to Insightly in one simple click.
  • Full integration with Google Drive (search options, attach any file or folder to Insightly, etc.)

In short, both platforms are professional and advanced solutions for smooth business running. SuiteCRM as well as Insightly has a large user base with its community where various useful tips and tricks are shared. The primary difference between

Migrate SuiteCRM to Insightly in 6 Steps

You use SuiteCRM software for sales and marketing automation, as well as for client’s collaboration, but now you feel that it can’t comply with your business needs anymore. As a result, you’re in search for a new CRM, and it seems that Insightly platform may be a good alternative. Don’t wait up; it’s time to migrate!

Trujay is an automated web-based tool that performs your CRM transfer from SuiteCRM to Insightly in a few easy steps. So, go on reading to find out how the service works.

#1 Step.

To start the SuiteCRM to Insightly migration, you should register an account. Enter your username, email, password and phone number in the migration wizard.


#2 Step. Next, specify your SuiteCRM access data (URL, login, and password).

#3 Step. Choose Insightly as you target CRM platform type and specify your access API key.

  • You can find it out going to your Insightly home page => user settings. And then you should copy and paste API key in the migration wizard.

#4 Step. Now, it’s time to choose migration preferences by activating the offered options (contacts, accounts, leads, tasks, and opportunities) those you want to be migrated to Insightly. Try out Demo Migration (it’s absolutely free) to evaluate the Trujay in progress. The service moves up to 10 items of specified modules.

#5 Step. Now, if you are satisfied with the Demo results, start SuiteCRM to Insightly transfer right now.

Once your CRM migration procedure is over, and you already have your new Insightly CRM - test it and make sure whether it works correctly.

Summing Up

Rouse interest? - Take your time to set up a free Demo Migration for you to check up how simple it is to move CRM data from SuiteCRM to Insightly with Trujay automated service. Don’t hesitate – do it right now!

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