Migration to HubSpot (2018): Make your Business Thrive with Modern CRM

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Migration to HubSpot (2018): Make your Business Thrive with Modern CRM

Looking for an accurate way of migration to HubSpot CRM? Trujay.Migration is here to help you.!

Breaking up your love relationships is always a tough decision. The tension of constant drama, glimpses of sweet memories and multiple hair-splittings, everything, is cooling off, and you realize that there's no way left to figure out the situation. In this case, the time for changes has come.

Running an outdated CRM might be quite exactly like being in a relationship. If you feel the lack of the reconfigurability and scalability or the price does not size to your budget anymore, then don’t let the business settle with the current solution. At this point, you have to make a commitment to find the platform that keeps your team members on track and brings your company the desired success. Consequently, choosing Hubspot CRM as an alternative might be a way out for you.

Would You Have Future with HubSpot CRM?

Let’s make a portrait of the ideal attendant. What about HubSpot CRM? Launched in 2015, it is a brand-new solution aimed at helping small- and medium-sized organizations manage their consumer and sales data. So, let’s dive deeper into the world of Hubspot CRM for its better understanding.

Will the Commitment to HubSpot be a Marriage of Convenience?

For now, HubSpot CRM is free and offers unlimited usage as well as data storage.

Is the HubSpot CRM Easy Enough to Collaborate With?

When you are signing into your account, there is the central dashboard with the engaging design that shows the most recent activities as well as current ongoing deals, tasks, emails, and other quick info. Also, there are the following modules along the top:

  • The Contacts and Companies views show data in columns. Furthermore, you may separate your information into different Property Groups that are provided by HubSpot CRM or created on your ones. Also, you can use the Filter option on the left sidebar of the page; that will help you obtain the most relevant information in order.

Hubspot Contact Module

  • While managing Deals, you may take advantage of the customization options that reflects the main steps of the sales cycle. You can add stages, and determine the most important ones for your sales team. Hence, it helps to keep track where things are in the pipeline and how deals are progressing.
  • You can filter your Tasks with the number of different characteristics like status, timestamp, type, etc. Also, the information can be displayed in line item format or board view.

  • The HubSpot CRM wouldn’t be so easy to configure without the settings available. These parameters allow users to customize contact properties, display options, lead scoring, lifecycle stages and form field mapping:

    • Timeline arranges all emails, calls, notes, even website visits into one intuitive view.

    • Email and Templates. HubSpot CRM may be connected to Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, where you can send emails right from any contact in your CRM. Also, you can enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the sales team by creating a series of templates for repeatable follow-ups.

    • By integrating Google Calendar with the platform, you can see scheduled meetings and set up new ones in the seconds.

    • Calling. This feature lets you make the call from the browser, or it can be connected with your phone.You can also store your recordings and additional notes with just one click.

    • Data Base and Enrichment. You may instantly see new information about any contact or company as well as on the employees, social data, related organizations, and more. For example, each time new data comes into the platform, HubSpot automatically fills in the details.  

With all the characteristics above, you can quickly admit that HubSpot CRM endears you to jump into relationships with it. Furthermore, the system has an innovative Sidekick extension, the evolution of HubSpot’s Signals product.

How to Streamline Your Performance with Sidekick?

Sidekick is an optional browser plugin that connects to your inbox and CRM system including the next features:

  • Insights – Sidekick gives you valuable details about the contacts and companies you find or talk within your inbox and on the web. It lives in your browser and follows you throughout the day.

  • Notifications – Real-time alerts provide you when, where, and how prospects are clicking your emails, visiting your website, etc. Furthermore, the reporting helps you understand or track users activity and the performance of their messages.

By and large, HubSpot CRM is a free, easy-to-use sales application that arms your sales team with the information and tools needed for today's modern sales process. Furthermore, being a young solution, the improvements continually evolve and, lately, a lot of fast-growing organizations consider the migration to HubSpot CRM.  

How to Be Ready for Data Transferring?

The switching of CRM data is not an easy process, as every kind of change is quite demanding and tedious. Before you start, you should sort your data out to eliminate unexpected consequences during and after the transferring. So, if you want to fulfill the migration successfully, take 4 simple steps first:

  • as Hubspot CRM is free, you can sign in and try the platform out before making any revolutionary changes and move all your items

  • organize your data as well as delete all the dupes and outdated information

  • if you want to exclude any data losses, don’t forget to prepare a backup

  • As change is always difficult, make CRM switch for your employees as smooth and painless as possible. You should hold the meetings and training about expectation and challenges your team might deal with. Explain them the advantages your business will gain after the implementation of the new solution.

What is a Swift Way Switching to Hubspot from Your Existing Platform?

Coming closer to the matter of the subject, let's take a critical view of CRM data migration process inside out. Traditionally, the transfer is not a push-over at all. This is because of differences between various CRM configuration patterns. You might observe the diversity among modules. All these should be taken into consideration during the migration to HubSpot CRM.

Consequently, if you want to move your data to HubSpot fast, accurately, and completely hands-off, then an automated migration system Trujay might be an excellent choice for you. With its user-friendly interface, you will be able to complete the switch in just 4 steps. Also, Trujay offers a free deduplication option, so your brand-new CRM will not be suffering from the dupes or redundant data after the switch.

Regarding security issues, you shouldn’t worry about your data. It will be migrated to Hubspot with no risk of any records loss since the information is copied from the source platform. Besides, Trujay complies with your confidentiality, so you have an opportunity to sign Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) that guarantees to treat your info securely.

All in all, our Trujay team is happy to have grateful feedbacks from the customers. Have a look at the testimonial from Andy Barton, CEO at Catalystica Ltd:

Andy Barton feedback

As you can see, Trujay can easily help you walk through all the migration stages. However, you should remember to get some things done afterward for better platform adoption and configuration.

What Actions to Taking after the Switch?

After the most critical steps are behind, you may consider some useful tips for better system configuration and automation:

  • check if all the items are in the proper places

  • organize the personalized workflow rules

  • fix up the specific filters for reporting

  • make sure your colleges have all necessary instructions and tutorials

Final Thoughts

Free and straightforward, HubSpot CRM is built to be a platform that enables you to get started quickly without making much of a change in your existing workflow. Hence, why are you still hesitating of transferring to HubSpot CRM? Contact our expert and find out more information on how to move your data with an automated migration service Trujay in a fast and secure mode.

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