How to Migrate to Insightly: Your Life-Saving Tips And Tricks

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How to Migrate to Insightly: Your Life-Saving Tips And Tricks
Honestly, data migration from your existing CRM to Insightly is not easy meat, quite like moving home. Undoubtedly, going for drastic changes is not always of your own free will, but for the sake of improvement, you should make this step ahead. Like every undertaking, both taking over to a new CRM and moving house requires your consideration and thorough preparation, selection of the desired place, and getting used to the new environment.

So, how to migrate to Insightly? Let’s go closer!

When you want to move home, primarily, you have to weigh all the pros and cons before making this decision. Think of the arguments against your current dwelling, its benefits, and drawbacks, clarify your expectations, and, finally, decide for yourself whether it’s worth initiating.

Speaking about the CRM, there is a dime a dozen of them presented on the market. These systems help to organize the work with the customers, but their various feature-sets can make you think twice before switching.

To make sure you are not jumping to conclusions with CRM migration, look through the checklist that covers the top reasons why companies decide to change their obedient servant CRM.

You should ask yourself how to migrate to Insightly, if

  • you use your CRM already more than 5 years
  • your team still runs on-premise solution
  • you are drowning in dozens of outdated information stored on your current platform
  • there are already more than 3 new updates of CRM
  • there is no mobile version of your application
  • the price does not size to your expectations any more

And here are a few concrete reasons why you should decide on migration to Insightly:

  1. It is a cloud CRM.
  2. Reasonable price. Up to two users, it is totally free. For more than 2 it costs from $29 to $99 per user per months (billed annually).
  3. It is easily integrated with Google Apps, for example, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, as well as Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Office 365 for Business, Quickbooks Online.
  4. It offers automatic address book.
  5. Insightly has a flexible interface.
  6. It supports built-in file sharing, which simplifies communication among the colleagues.
  7. Project management tool enables you to work out your targeted offers, set up budgets and calculate expenses and profits.

To tell the truth, whether you are going to move house, or transfer your records to Insightly, every kind of change is quite demanding and tedious. Before you start, sort your stuff out first and then pack. Data transfer isn’t less complex and time-consuming.

In order to fulfill migration to Insightly successfully, take 3 simple steps to get ready:

  1. Filter your records. You will be able to migrate your data more successfully if it is well-ordered. Take some time to check all your modules and decide if you want to take over all the data or only selectively.
  2. Take out the trash. Sometimes vendors have lots of records gathered for years in the CRM storage. It would be a good idea to delete outdated information and get rid of duplicates before you start data migration.
  3. Secure your data. As mentioned above, CRM transfer is a complex process. Despite the safety guaranteed by the service, there always might be a risk to lose some data while porting it. In order to prevent it, all of the information stored on the CRM platform requires a copy. If your current CRM has no built-in option of data backup, copy your data on the hard drive or USB-drive.

After complying with these steps, you are ready for migration to Insightly.

  Moving house implies conveying your belongings to a new place of living. In order to manage this task, you need to select the most appropriate means of transportation. It can be a post service, special conveyor, rented van, etc.

In the case of CRM data switch, Trujay is the right thing for secure and accurate information transfer. The migration to Insightly takes you a little time and no efforts. All you need to do is following the next actions below.

Migration to Insightly consists of 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Sign in on Migration Wizard, or register first, if you don’t have an account yet.

Step 2: Specify your Current and Future CRM. Choose your CRM you use now from a drop-down menu and log into it. Then specify Insightly as your target and write down the API key.

Step 3: Map your users and modules between the platforms. After you have selected the necessary information, launch the demo migration. It allows you to get acquainted with the transfer process and move a limited amount of data to a new platform.

Step 4: When the Test migration complete and you are satisfied with the results, launch the full migration to Insightly.

Note, if you want to take over non-default modules or fields, it is recommended to use custom migration. Request Custom migration checks or schedule a call with Trujay expert to evaluate the advantages of specific migration.

The first thing you have to do now
  1. Tailor the new CRM according to your preferences.
  2. Edit the content and interface, so that your work with it could become more pleasant and effective.

If all of the information you needed was transferred correctly, start working with your Insighrly.

To Sum Up

Obviously, the CRM data switch is a complicated process, that requires time to be prepared and accomplished. Still, nothing is impossible. Today lots of efforts were put to simplify this process as much as possible and to make it easy for every user.

So leave the Stone Age with your old CRM system behind.

Migrate to Insightly with Trujay and watch the rapid evolution of your business!


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